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Posted by Job on March 1, 2007

Romans 12:2 – And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God. 

A lot of Believers want to straddle the fence. We want to receive the blessings of God on earth. We want the privileges and respect that the name “Christian” affords. And we want to go to Heaven. But we are not willing to give up “the world” to receive those things! Be not deceived; “the world” means the unsaved, and also those who profess Christ but reject holiness and sound doctrine! Jesus Christ said that you cannot have two masters, you will love one and hate the other (Matthew 6:24, Luke 6:13). Do not think that if you try to serve two masters, you can wind up loving God and hating Satan! Again, be not deceived: God is 100% pure. There will be no corruption with God or in God. So only a little sin, a little corruption, a little worldliness, a little faithlessness, a little hypocrisy, a little blasphemy will make the whole impure! 99% for God is 100% for Satan! Plus, keep in mind: it was GOD who said “Thou shalt have no other gods before me!” Satan never said that. Satan has no problem sharing you with whoever or whatever. Why? Because Satan knows that no matter who he shares you with, you are the one that he is going to come home to! Despite all of your good works, prayers, professions, and testimonies, if you are unwilling to renounce Satan, his ways, his institutions, and his people, you are still his!  

Look, two cannot walk together unless they agree (Amos 3:3). Well, how can I serve God 99% of the time and still be agreed with Satan based on the 1%? First, consider the world of biology. In order to activate a nerve, you must reach what is called “liminal stimulus”. 99% will not do! You can apply 99% stimulus to that nerve for as long as that nerve lives and it will never activate! Or consider trying to push a boulder over a barrier or bump. You can literally be on the edge of getting the boulder over the hump for 1000 years, but if you do not muster that last little bit of force, you will still be pushing that boulder! So with God, the liminal stimulus threshold is 100%. With God, it takes 100% of the effort to get the boulder over the hump! Second, you have to cast aside some of the tradition that you have been taught and some of the scare stories that you learned when you were a child concerning Satan and his kingdom. Realize that Satan knows the things of God. Knows all about them. Why? Because Satan was an angel. Not only that, Satan was the #1 angel, right next to God! So do not fool yourself into thinking that Satan cannot abide godly things to get what he wants! Satan is the master of imitation, deception, hypocrisy, and compromise. He would be just fine with you going through your life thinking that you are fine so long as your eternity will be with him in the lake of fire! Satan is smart. He knows that he cannot stop good works, or from people being helped by them. So he does the next best thing. He deceives you so you get to the point where you are doing all of these good works while not having the slightest idea that despite all of them, Satan has a claim on your soul, and the reason why he has a claim on your soul is that you are not 100% pure, you have not gotten over the hump, you have not reached God’s liminal stimulus! 

I am saying that you can never sin? Of course not! Am I saying that we are not saved by grace? Again, no! Believers will sin. But when we sin, we can repent and be restored. You do not even have to worry that your last act on this earth will be some grievous sin (as some Believers do, thereby allowing Satan to remove their piece and keep them from going out into the world to break down strongholds and do what God wants them to do), because even if you do not get a chance to repent, you will still be saved by grace! I am not talking about temporary falling from grace, I am talking about a permanent rejection of that grace! I am talking about living a lifestyle where you consciously reject what is right! Where you know something is wrong, but you do it anyway! If you KNOW that you are not supposed to overeat. If you KNOW that you are not supposed to be a vain worshipper of your own body. If you KNOW that you are not supposed to be greedy, a spendthrift, or a miser. If you KNOW that you are not supposed to commit adultery, lust, or lasciviousness. If you KNOW that lying,  gossiping, ranting, and hatemongering are wrong. And if you KNOW that looking upon those sins (whether people actually doing them or creating fictional accounts of them for “entertainment”) with desiring and approval. Murder, rape, child molestation, all that stuff too, but deceive yourself into thinking that the little sins won’t keep you from getting in! Use your head, your God – given intellect, reason, and logic. There are only two places, and we all have to go to one of them! Do not fall for those false religions that tell you about these “in – betweens.” These so – called ghosts and spirits that are caught in some in – between dimension waiting to be freed or trying to work their way into heaven are actually DEMONS that are tormenting and deceiving people! So, if we all have to go to one or the other, 99% means NOT HEAVEN! 

And just like all those other obvious sins, there is one more. Funny how so many Believers, even so many preachers, avoid Psalm 1:1.  Since that is the case, let me go ahead and spell it out for you. BLESSED IS THE MAN THAT WALKETH NOT IN THE COUNSEL OF THE UNGODLY, NOR STANDETH IN THE WAY OF SINNERS, NOR SITTETH IN THE SEAT OF THE SCORNFUL! In case you are having reading comprehension problems, let me spell it out for you: DO NOT HANG AROUND PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT BELIEVERS THAT ARE NOT TRYING THEIR BEST TO AVOID ALL FORMS OF SIN! Now I did not say “do not hang around people who are not Believers.” Psalm 1:1 does not say that. I did not say “do not hang around people who are not Believers that are not trying to avoid most sins, or sinning most of the time.” Again, Psalm 1:1 does not say that. Psalm 1:1 says “only hang around people who believe that Jesus is Lord, the Son of the Living God who died for our sins and rose again and is God with the Father and the Holy Spirit and live, walk, act, and think in that belief to the best of their ability 100% of the time!” Now I cut people some slack because God Himself does the same. This “best of their ability part”, well some people are going to be better at it than others. That is why you have to look closely at the parable of the talents (Matthew 25:15-30). Each servant was given numbers of talents according to his own ability, and each was required to produce only according to that ability! So while the person who was given 5 talents had to turn it into 10 through entrepreneurship, the person who was given 1 talent only had to turn it into 1.1 talents by putting it in the bank. Yet he did not even do that! But we as Believers do not even stop with the 1 talent “I fall down but I get up; I will just hold on until the end” folks who are going to be least in the

Kingdom of
Heaven! No, we hang out with rank sinners, and that includes fellowshipping with lukewarm hypocritical Christians who do not have love and put their own emotions, lives, and believes ahead of Jesus Christ which is The Truth! And go back to Psalm 1:1, and again be not deceived! If the people who keep Psalm 1:1 are going to be blessed, then the people who fail are going to be CURSED! That 99% thing, you just cannot get around it. So you might as well give it 100%. So even if you only have 1 talent, do not cry about it and use that as an excuse to be some lukewarm compromiser who likes to go out with friends to some blasphemous movie, or go to some nightclub or ballgame where everyone is swallowing alcohol and has violence, hate, and lust in their hearts. Or if you are going to go, at least refrain from the participation in and approval of sin yourself, carry some
salvation tracts with you, try to get some people to say  the Salvation Prayer, and at least TRY to say that you are TRYING to be like Jesus when He associated with the sinners and publicans. At least TRY to say that you are TRYING to be like Paul, all things to all people so that you might save some. At least TRY to say that you are different from the other sinners there, that there is a light in you that you are shining for the world. At least get yourself up and go to the bank and put your talent in!  

The key to this is found in John 14:30 – Hereafter I will not talk much with you: for the prince of this world cometh, and hath nothing in me. If the prince of this world has nothing in Christ, then nothing that the prince of this world rules has anything in Christ. And therefore if Christ be in you through your acceptance of His Blood Sacrifice, acknowledgement of His relationship to The Father and The Holy Ghost, and your knowledge of His Resurrrection from the dead, then you will have no part in the world either! You will want nothing to do with sin except to crush it in the Name of Jesus. You will want nothing to do with sinful people except to convert them with the Name of Jesus. But if you like to experience and to look upon sin, then you are corrupt. If you love the approval of those who sin or look upon sin, you are corrupt. You love the world more than you love God. You love yourself more than you love God and because of that you are part of this world, and therefore Christ is not truly in you for Christ has nothing in the world for the world has nothing in Christ. So despite being 99% righteous, you are 100% owned by Satan! So be not deceived! 

The “little things” that you do can and will block your blessing. The “little things” can and will remove your peace. The “little things” can and will destroy your ministry and family. The “little things” can and will keep you out of Heaven! Not only the “little things” that you do, but the people that you hang around and refuse to sever yourself from that do “little things” and big ones! They include those fake lukewarm Christians, and they also include members of your family! LEAVE THEM ALONE! COME OUT OF THEM! They are not worth your blessing. They are not worth your salvation. They are not worth The Word of God. They are not worth Heaven! God is good enough for you! Seek God’s approval, which is freely given and will fill you with happiness and perfect peace! When the enemy tells you that it is not enough, that you are lonely, bored, tired, have no friends, and are missing out on life, resist him and he will flee from you! Tell him to go in the name of Jesus, and then open your Bible and read and then start praying! God should be good enough for you because He should be your everything, and He should be the source from which everything you receive flows, and if you are faithful enough in God you will receive prosperity, overflow, your cup will run over just like it says in Psalm 23! So few Believers receive prosperity and overflow that the official position of most Christians and mainstream Christians that it is false doctrine. They do not believe it because they do not receive it, and they do not receive it because they are not obedient. They are unwilling to cast aside all of their worldly beliefs and practices and set their whole hearts after God!  

But you do not have to be like them. You do not have to be the way that you are living now.  You can be 100% sold out for Jesus Christ! It will be hard to give up your old life, your old ways, and your old friends, but be encouraged! The things that are hard are the ones that bring the blessings to you and to all who love God! Do not think that it is impossible, for with God all things are possible. You might just tell yourself that it is impossible because you decide that you love yourself and your wickedness more than God. You might try and fail because you are attempting to win the battle through the flesh, with doctrine, ritual, and legalism, rather than coming to God in prayer with fasting and immersion in His Word. You might try, and fail, and not forgive yourself for it … you might reject God’s grace and forgiveness and give up. But none of those are acceptable! On the Judgment Day – and Judgment Day is coming – you will be cast among those who attained 99% or less. Do not let that happen to you. It would be such a waste to know the things of God and do things for God and still not be accepted into Heaven just because you were holding onto some thing or person. Because there was someone or something else instead of God that you were using to cool the burning inside you, to hold onto, to keep you comfortable at night in your thoughts and dreams. It does not matter what that thing is because if it isn’t Jesus it will take you to the lake of fire! Do not go 99% and stop. Go 100%. Experience the full blessings and power and love of God in your life, and be on the right track to Heaven. Even being a 1 talent person who puts what God gave him in the bank is better than a 100 talent person who produces 1000 talents but still refuses to get all the sin out of their lives. Oh yes, do not be deceived, this will happen, see Matthew 7:21-23! That old song does not say “none but the mighty” or “none but the productive” or “none but the esteemed and acclaimed” but rather NONE BUT THE RIGHTEOUS. Set your heart and your ways after God. Be righteous and choose life over death today! 


Father God in the Name of Your Son Jesus Christ, please lead and guide your people into casting off all manners of vanity, worldliness, lies, and seductions. May your people strive and seek to be free of all forms of corruption, to not do or desire any evil thing, not the least evil thing. May they desire to overcome by the Blood of Jesus Christ and Your Grace to become perfect, uncorrupt, and uncorruptible so that they may be with you forever in Heaven. In the Name of Jesus Christ, amen!  


The demons that works in this area are selfishness, hypocrisy, compromise, and worldliness. Please read the Basic Spiritual Warfare guide to learn more about how to go against these demons to help set captives free and win battles in the name of your God through the power, authority, and victory given to you by his Son Jesus Christ and by his blood shed for you!


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