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Are You An Atheist?

Posted by Job on March 1, 2007

I have wondered about the motivations for atheism. I have come to the belief that atheists are those who either A) are formed by life in an environment that rejects God or B) reject God because they refuse to live under his authority. Such people reject God’s law and instead choose their own. Instead of living under the law of God, which they believe that they cannot influence, they would rather live under the law of man, which they fool themselves into thinking that they CAN influence. Or, instead of living under the oversight of an all – powerful all – knowing, all seeing God, they would rather live under the oversight of man and the institutions that he creates, whose power and reach are much more limited. Rather than comparing himself to the perfect God through Jesus Christ his symbol on Earth, he would rather reassure himself by living up (or down) to the standards of those corrupt as he. Rather than accepting the equality of man in God’s eyes, he prefers a system stratified by status of birth, education, wealth, character, work ethic, etc. usually for the purposes of setting himself over other people. To be succinct, an atheist is one who seeks to rule rather than to be ruled, and at the very minimum will forsake submission to the Authority of the Kingdom of the Almighty to his own authority in a kingdom of one, even knowing that his kingdom has no reach, no power, and no duration; that the very same manly institutions that he worships rather than God can come take his kingdom away not so much by throwing him into prison (where you can still be master of your domain if your domain is your mind) but by killing him and removing his existence. To the atheist, natural death is the final end of existence, and the ability to choose (and the act of choosing) life and death for themselves and others is the ultimate act of defiance against the Authority of God.

Naturally, those in group B) do all they can to create A) and impose it on as much as they can! That is the root of all who insist on secularism and fight all public (and many private) forms of religious expression and thought. The vital step to stopping a people from believing in God is removing God from as much as possible. We are called by God to resist such a thing from happening, and the most effective way is to bear witness to the existence of God first through our own obedience to him and second by sharing that witness with others.

But do come to realize that unless you are totally in agreement with God in every single way, and if you accept, promote, and defend not being in agreement for yourself or for others; then you are no different from most atheists, that is atheists who have heard about God and reject him because they do not want to submit themselves to his will. Know the Word of God … he that is guilty of breaking any part of the law is guilty of breaking any part of it. And do not believe that Jesus’ death and resurrection spares you the law. You are still bound by it and held responsible for breaking it. What Jesus’ death does is give you a way to be forgiven, held guiltless, slate wiped clean, if you accept God through his Son. (Those who use the Son to deny the Father and the Father’s Law and Word, which is the Father, see John 1:1, are as guilty and bound to eternal damnation save they change as those who deny the Son. Jesus did not die on the cross so that you could sin! He died so that you could REJECT sin, STOP sinning through him!) And then, you must submit yourself under God and his authority for the rest of your days, meaning a sincere effort with the help of God in the form of the Father, The Son, and the Holy Ghost to sin no more, and to sincerely repent should you fall short.

If you do not BELIEVE these things and or you do not DO these things and still call yourself a Christian, then you are no different from an atheist. You are unwilling to accept God’s authority, so you deny God. You deny YOUR God, the ONE TRUE GOD. You deny the God of the Bible, the God who created Heaven and Earth and all therein, the one who has all power and put that power in the name of Jesus for you to use for all things that are his will including your war against sin and Satan. You deny that this God requires total obedience from everyone, including you. You deny that this God hates all sin, including yours, and will accept no excuses on Judgment Day, including from you. You deny that there is a righteous God who punishes the wicked, because this God allows your sin. You deny that there is a merciful God, because a merciful God would destroy your sin from the Earth so that it does not harm others physically or spiritually.

In his place, you have created a false God. A false God who allows you to sin. Is it a false God that allows everyone his own special sin? Or is it a false God that allows you to sin but no one else; one who bows to you, the center and master of Creation? Either way, the God that you believe in and serve is no different from the god of the atheist, which is no God at all. To serve the real God you must obey him, and you are best off starting right now!


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