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An Example Of A Strong Parent

Posted by Job on March 1, 2007

Job 1:5 – And it was so, when the days of their feasting were gone about, that Job sent and sanctified them, and rose up early in the morning, and offered burnt offerings according to the number of them all: for Job said, It may be that my sons have sinned, and cursed God in their hearts. Thus did Job continually.

I am not among those who necessarily agrees with how Job is generally portrayed, which is as a flawless individual who patiently waited on God to deliver him while God allowed Satan to attack Job for no other reason that to use Job to show a point to Satan. Instead, I believe that while Job was upright and perfect before God in action, there were still flaws within his heart for which God wished to cause a correction in Job for Job’s own good, which was why God allowed Satan to attack him. These flaws manifested when Job, upon facing his incredible adversity, chose to accuse God of treating him unfairly, curse the day that he was born, and ask God to slay him rather than to pray to God either on why this was happening to him or for his deliverance. God revealed to a Job insisting that his own righteousness exceeded God’s in Job 38 – 41 those flaws.

Still, despite Job’s shortcomings at the time, the verse above reveals him to have been a very conscientious parent, the sort of which I spoke of in Parental Responsibilities. There is the common belief that minor children are not responsible for their sins because they are too young to know the difference between right and wrong or understand the consequences of their behavior. I wonder about that, since it is possible for a child to give his or her life to Christ, become saved, be baptized with the Holy Spirit with evidence, and do great works for the Lord at a very young age. Whether it is true or not, it is clear that God commands the same sort of relationship between parent and child as he does between adults and himself; a personal relationship built upon love with clear authority. Just as there is no higher – or other – authority for an adult but God and whoever God sets over him, for a child save God there is no higher or other authority but the parent and whoever the parent entrusts. Now when we give and submit ourselves to God, God promises to take care of us. In a similar fashion, parents have responsibilities given to them by God regarding their children. Everyone is aware that parents are responsible for providing for their children’s basic needs, as well as their needs for love, stability, instruction, and discipline. Christian parents are also aware that they are responsible for aiding their child(ren)’s spiritual knowledge and growth. Such is good and necessary, but not sufficient. Indeed, those things are not even what are most important! Sadly, what is most important seems to be what is least known and practiced, but were it known and practiced the lesser important but more known things would come about naturally. What is most important and would lead to the fulfillment of all things necessary and sufficient? A parent taking personal responsibility for a child’s spiritual well – being!

That is what Job clearly in today’s verse. It did not say that Job instructed his children to sacrifice for their sins. It did not even say that Job waited for his children to sin and that sin to be made known to him before he sacrificed. No, Job sacrificed for his children ON THE CHANCE THAT THEY MAY HAVE SINNED IN THEIR HEARTS! Job went to God on behalf of his children and begged God that he would hear the prayer of a perfect, upright, and righteous servant and extend forgiveness and protection to his children. And it is a good thing, too, because on the very day that Job said that prayer, his children died! But they died while covered in his prayer! So, Job did more than merely pray for his children. He interceded for them. He took on the weight for their sins and stood in the gap for them and bought them a measure of God’s grace. What he did no person who ever walked the Earth but Jesus Christ could have surpassed. As Moses did for the children of Israel; as David did also, so did Job, and so should we as parents.

As mentioned in Parental Responsibilities, there are a lot of Satanic notions floating around about how parents should not take authority over their children. One of the main areas where parents are urged not to exert their influence over their children is religion. Apparently parents should not impose their beliefs or practices but instead allow children to choose and form their own. Parents are discouraged from things like taking their children to church too often, allowing church activities to dominate a child’s time, and restricting their children from non – religious activities. Parents are discouraged from pushing their children to make a commitment to Christ. Making your child attend church or do anything religious is considered a no – no. And in households where the parents have different religions, the trendy thing is to allow the CHILD to pick based on whatever criteria the child chooses. And after the child reaches a certain age, he or she is pretty much left to pursue their own spiritual path.

This is precisely what Satan wants … for you to leave your child’s walk with God to chance, because it creates a real chance that your child will never accept God. Or even if your child does accept God, the non – coercive approach will often tend to delay it, which Satan accepts as second best. To illustrate how ridiculous the notion that parents should not impose religion on their kids is, does not the GOVERNMENT impose on children (and their parents) compulsory education, including even what homeschoolers must teach? Does not the GOVERNMENT impose immunization requirements on children and parents? Does not the GOVERNMENT require that your child wear a helmet on a bicycle and seat – belt (including child safety seat) in a car? So the government can mandate natural education, health care, and safety for your child, but you cannot mandate spiritual education, health care, and safety for your child?

Notice that Job’s children were grown. They had their own houses and probably even their own wives and children. But Job obviously knew that his spiritual responsibilities for his children did not end when they reached adulthood. Job did not ask his sons for permission to stand in the gap for them … he did it. And he did it not for his own sake or even for the sake of his kids, but he did it to please his God! So, we have to do the same to obey God and petition his favor. After all, when WOULD a parent take a major role in a child’s spiritual path, if when they are minors they are too young to have beliefs “imposed upon them” but when they are adults they are free to choose their own way? The answer is NEVER, which is what Satan wants.

Another integral part: Job being outwardly upright and perfect before God. Job’s devotion to his God made his intercession for his children very effective. Indeed, James 5:16 says “Confess your faults to one another and pray for one another that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.” Because Job was righteous, his prayer for the spiritual healing of his children had power. Further, because he was righteous, he set an example of righteousness for his children to see and emulate. If you are not right with God, it will make it all the more difficult for your actions on behalf of your children’s spiritual health to bear fruit, whether we are talking about your prayers for your child’s salvation and protection from evil to your ability to influence your children to commit themselves to God. God gives all power in the name of Jesus Christ to those who are righteous, and that power manifests itself in many ways ranging from the way God acts on your prayer to the influence that your actions and spirit has on other people. If you are walking in power, righteousness, and faith, people around you will have no choice but to respond, and that includes your children. Also, if you are righteous and have power, the evil spirits and principalities that try to hinder spiritual commitment and development cannot do their work or even hang around you or your family. So, if you are righteous, you will be in a better position to pray “Lord in the name of Jesus Christ, please forgive my child’s sins, please let my child’s name be written in the Book of Life, please touch my child’s heart and cause my child to desire salvation through Jesus Christ.” If you are righteous, your child will take your devotion and the God that you are devoted to seriously. On the other hand, if you are a Saturday sinner and Sunday saint, your child will be more likely decide that this Christianity business is no big deal and even develop a cynical aversion to it that will be hard to break. And if you are righteous, when your child begins to act disinterested in Bible reading and church going, you will be able to bind, rebuke, cast out, and drive out the demons in that area from your child!

It comes down to faith. If you KNOW that the only way to Heaven is acceptance of and submission to God through Jesus Christ, then you should be willing to do anything and everything possible to get your children to come into that realization and to then live like it. Now it is true that you can take a horse to water but you cannot make him drink. But that is still no reason not to take him to the water! You cannot force your children to believe, to accept Christ, develop a sincere relationship, and remove the sin from their heart. But every bit of coercing and cajoling you should do. You should make your children go to church, and to take part in church activities. You should make your children read their Bible, and even have them read the Bible after the manner which you instruct them. You should make your children avoid even the appearance of sinful behavior and attitudes. If you give them an allowance, make them tithe. If they get a job, make them tithe! You should control your children’s comings and goings and their choice of friends. You should talk to your child on a very regular basis on spiritual matters, and furthermore take the position that the Word is true and accept no dissent. Everything you can do; everything the Holy Spirit and the Bible tells you to do, do it. Be an extremist in bringing your children to Christ, stop at nothing except where the Holy Spirit restrains you, and do not do it for yourself or even your kids but for your God! If you have faith, you will know that there is absolutely no harm that can come of it.

Do it not only when they are children, but when they are adults! One of the major differences between Biblical culture and modern culture is where we chase our children out of the house as soon as they become 18, it was not uncommon for children to remain “in their father’s house” (or on the property of their spouse’s family) for many years after adulthood, even after they had married and had children of their own, and often their entire lives! Such a thing was very conducive to the spiritual development of the children. Why is it that we maintain this pretense that a person magically becomes a mature adult when 18, or even 22? Christian parents with the means to do so should not only encourage but DEMAND that their children remain with them until God tells them to leave, and one can presume that such would not happen until God knows that they are spiritually mature and ready. Instead of dreading when your children – and grandchildren – “move back in”, you should be like the father in the Prodigal Son parable; embrace it. You should say “Child, since things obviously are not working out in your life, have you considered whether the causes of your problems are spiritual? Have you offended or disobeyed God in any way? If you are going to stay here, you are going to have to work on getting you and yours right with God; otherwise you are going to have to go be bad someplace else!” Even after your children leave the house, if you are righteous and walking in faith you can still exert a great positive spiritual influence over your children for as long as you and they live, and you should use that influence even if they love and obey the Lord too! Remember, you are not doing this for yourself or for your children but for your God!

So be like Job; a zealot and extremist on behalf of the spiritual well – being of your children. Command total respect and obedience from your children, and in turn give the same to God so that by honoring you your children are honoring God through you. Use all of that respect and obedience to draw, push, pull, kick, throw them to Christ. It is more important than their cleaning their room or washing the dishes. It is more important than their excelling at sports or an instrument. It is more important than their making good grades and getting into a good college. It is more important than their being good drivers or knowing how to balance a checkbook. Pray for your children. Intercede for them. Ask God to reveal their sins to you, and ask God to forgive them. Ask God to touch their hearts and draw them to him. Go into spiritual warfare for your children, casting out and binding all demons and principalities. Teach your children how to do the same for themselves. Remove all sources of temptation from their presence. Take the TV and computer out of their room. Monitor what they read and what they listen to. There is no justification for allowing them to own a DVD, CD, book, or magazine that glorifies any sin in any way. You cannot be with them all the time, but while they are with you they do what you say. Do not allow your children to do anything that you would not do, and by the same token do not do anything that you do not allow your children to do. If it is sin for you, it is sin for them and vice versa! If you do not allow them to see R rated movies, why should you?

Again, it is not for them, it is not for you, it is for your God. Please God, and he will bless you and your family and provide all your needs. Remember the “necessary and sufficient” stuff way back in the first paragraph? Please God by living for him and doing all that you can to get your children to, and you will not only receive all that is necessary and sufficient, but you will receive overflow, prosperity, enough to help someone else and THEIR kids! After all, did not Job have great abundance? Did not David? Did not Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob? Did not Jabez? That’s right my friend, prosperity. I am an adherent to the prosperity doctrine, except I am speaking of the prosperity of the spirit rather than of wealth, although if God chooses to give you wealth that is fine too. “God will supply all of your needs?” “I have never seen the righteous forsaken nor his seed begging bread?” That is prosperity of the spirit. When you have prosperity in the Holy Spirit, you can be flat broke but still have a refrigerator full of food, a full tank of gas, nice clothes for you and your family, and a heart at peace, and if you have that you don’t need anything else because you have what most billionaires don’t, which is the ability to ask God for any good thing that you want or need and it will be granted to you. So push Jesus on your kids? Of course! Do it and unlock the storehouse of blessings that God has for you and yours.

Prayer:Father God in the name of your Son Jesus Christ, please forgive the sins of my child(ren). Please, Lord God, do not let them die in their sins, but rather extend their lives. Please Lord God remove the hand of your wrath from them and extend unto them mercy. Please Lord touch their hearts and move their spirits. May your angels and the Holy Spirit come down to motivate them, to drive them to you and submission to your perfect will. Lord if they are saved already, I thank you and ask you that you would keep them as Jesus kept all the 12 save the son of perdition, and may they be baptized in the Holy Spirit. If they have already received the Holy Spirit Lord I thank you, and I ask you that you would put it in their hearts, put a charge upon them, to always obey and be led by the Holy Spirit. Lord let my every action with regards to my children be dedicated towards leading them to you and guiding them in you. And Lord may I be righteous, sanctified, holy, perfect, and right before you so that I will be a good role model and effective intercessor for my children, and so I will be able to go into spiritual warfare for them. Lord, may I use all the authority and dominion that you have granted me and my children towards drawing them to Christ, may my efforts be successful, and may I not overstep what you have willed me to do in your name. And Lord, please use me to be a help to children other than my own, especially children who do not have parents or whose parents are not followers of and obedient to Christ if it be thy will; if it be thy will make me a surrogate spiritual parent for them. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


In the name of Jesus Christ, I rebuke all evil spirits and principalities in and about and affecting my children that are working to keep them from seeking salvation through Jesus Christ. In the name of Jesus Christ, I command all evil spirits and principalities in and about and affecting my children that are working to keep them from seeking salvation through Jesus Christ to go from my children, and I bind you in the name of Jesus Christ from returning or going to any other member of the Body of Christ or their children. In the name of Jesus Christ, I rebuke all evil spirits and principalities in and about and affecting me that are acting to prevent me from reaching the fullness of intercessory for my children. In the name of Jesus Christ, I command all evil spirits and principalities in and about and affecting me that are acting to prevent me from reaching the fullness of intercessory for my children to go from me, and in the name of Jesus Christ I bind you from ever returning or from entering any other member of the Body of Christ.


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