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Posted by Job on March 2, 2007

Philippians 2:13 For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure. 

Sometimes the people of good look at their lives and the conditions of the world and get to thinking to themselves: “life’s not fair.” I am here today to tell you: get over it! No, I am not going to tell you that it is because things will get better. I am not going to tell you that it is because there are others worse off than you. I am not going to tell you that if you hold on, Heaven is your reward. Why? Because you are a Christian, you know these things already, and they don’t ease the pain. Well, I am sorry, but I am not here to salve your pain. I am here to tell you two things about your pain. 1) If you are suffering pain on account of something that you are truly doing for God; if you are experiencing loss or lack or opposition as the course of your ministry, then count it all joy! Be happy that you have the privilege to suffer for Christ’s sake, as not only have so many other Christians of renown – and other Christians whose sacrifices will remain nameless save in Heaven – have. God’s strength is being made manifest in your weakness, and instead of complaining about your weakness, you should be asking God to make you weaker still so that you might increase so that He would increase and the work that He is doing in you and through you shall be accomplished. 2) If you are suffering pain on account of something that is not related to your serving God, then I say to you the same thing that Job learned: God is sovereign. God was not created to serve you. You were created to serve HIM. Even if what you are going through is not the result of some sin that you have committed, do not blame or accuse God. Instead, praise God for your very existence. Better yet, praise God for HIS existence. Praise God that He saw fit to let you even be so that you could suffer what you are going through right now. It would have been better had you never been born? How selfish of you. How selfish of you to wish that you had not been born. Would God be using you had you not been born? Would God be receiving your praise had you not been born? Who are you to wish for the agent of God’s Will being done not to be? Who are you to deny God His due praise? Who are you to wish to deny God’s pleasure and prerogative that comes from your existence?

What you are is being selfish and self – centered. I know, pain is real, and lots of people have experienced far more pain than I have. And it is the job of Christians to support and comfort each other through their struggles and loss. But before that can happen, the Christian has to enter into the right mindset. The Christian has to say “Abba, Father! Thy Will be done! No matter what happens, God is Sovereign!” That is what Christ Himself said in
Gethsemane. If you fail to reach that point, anyone that attempts to counsel or support you in your grief is just contributing to your misery and is participating in your pity party. You need to get to the place where you say “God’s Will shall be done” so that you can move from pain into victory! I don’t know the future. I don’t know God’s plan. I don’t know if your healing or deliverance is coming like it came for Job. A lot of traditional Christian teachers say that it usually isn’t. They don’t know. A lot of Word of Faith and charismatic teachers say that if you have enough faith, you can claim and speak into existence your deliverance. They don’t know. Those millions of Christians who have died from genocide, wars, starvation, and disease in the past few years alone: did they not have faith? Yet those who survived and went on to prosper – and many did – were they not delivered? What a person cannot do is give up. Some give up and call it “accepting God’s Will.” That is a stench in the nostrils of God. Submitting to God is not giving up! Submitting to your environment or circumstance is not giving up! Until your last breath, you are to keep fighting, keep striving, keep asking God what it is He desires for you to do, see, think, or pray. Will it make the pain go away? I do not know that answer, only God does. But what it will do is prevent you from succumbing to the pain. 

Some people are just going to be without limbs. Some people are going to go childless. Some marriages are going to fail. Some people are going to be bedridden and confined to wheelchairs. Some people are going to get a painful terminal disease. Some people will have a condition that will cause them lots of pain but will not shorten their lives. And some people are going to see these things happen to their children or loved ones. The Christians who tell you that it isn’t going to happen to you or to anyone with true faith: they’re fakes. The Christians who say that there is absolutely nothing that can be done to prevent these things: they’re fakes too. What has to be done is to both empower the people so that this never happens to them, so that they can reverse it if it does happen to them, and also to overcome the pain if they do have to live with it. The only help for such a person is to say “God is sovereign” and to deal with it. Not to blame it on sin. Not to blame it on Satan. Even if sin or Satan is the cause of it, if that person is saved and has been delivered and forgiven and still has to deal with this condition, so what?  After sin and Satan have been dealt with, all is left for that person is God, and what we have to do is get people like that away from resenting, judging, and blaming God as Job did. Should we tell such a person to accept their fate since they might be healed as Job was? Not necessarily. No, the only thing that we should tell such a person to accept is God’s Sovereignty. Not that it was God’s Will that they suffer these things, but rather that the fact that they are suffering these things does not change the fact that God is still sovereign! 

You have to consider, for instance, what causes a person to take his own life. You realize that often people do this NOT because they feel that no one will miss them or because they feel themselves a burden on people, but rather to get back at them. They kill themselves specifically to cause people guilt, grief, and pain as revenge for those people not showing them the love that they thought that they deserved while they living. See how selfish that is? That person valued his own feelings so much that he ended his life to wreck the feelings of someone else. What if his suicide caused the target of his emotional aggression to also kill themselves? Oh well. And the most twisted part is that the person inflicting this damage isn’t even around to gain pleasure from what he is doing, let alone around to make amends for the damage that he has done. 

Another example: the spurned lover. He cannot stand to see his former lover with another, so he kills the lover. He cannot stand to see his kids with someone else or being apart from them, so he kills the kids. In his eyes, his lover is his property; his kids his property. They have no value apart from him, and he cannot countenance the notion of his lover being happy or his kids being happy and prospering without his involvement. In truth, he does not care for the happiness of his lover or his kids; he just wants them WITH HIM, and he further has no concept or care of what would happen to them were he to leave their lives, because he does not care about his role in their existence, only their role in his existence because they exist for him and his happiness. 

Another example still: the person who loses his job. If someone else takes the position, he claims that the person “stole his job.” This person has placed a hugely distorted value of what he does, and his importance based on it. He also places a distorted value on the economic benefits that having the job afforded him. So, if he loses it, he becomes bitter. He may lash out violently at his former employers and co – workers, his family members, or even himself, to the point of murder.
What these people fail to realize that we do not own our lovers or children. We do not own our jobs or possessions. We do not own our bodies or our comfort. We do not even own our lives. All of those things were created by God, are ultimately controlled by God, and are owned by God. They are His to give, His to take away. All we “own” is our wills, and even that we are to turn over to God. And turning our wills over to God is all that will truly take the pain away. Realize that God is the reason for your existence, not the other way around. No matter how miserable or wretched that existence it appears to be, God is the reason for it, and therefore God and God alone MUST be given the glory. Give God the glory BECAUSE of what you are going through? Not necessarily. Some would even say “God forbid!” though not I, for who knows the mind of God but God and those to whom God reveals? I say give God the glory DESPITE what you are going through. Despite the pain, despite the heartache, despite the hurt, despite the apparent unfairness of it all where the wicked seem to prosper but the good (you) suffer (often at the hands of those same wicked) you give God the glory. Why? Not because of your circumstance, but rather despite your miserable circumstance your God is not miserable, your God is glorious! Do not focus on your circumstance, because it is not about you! It is about God, and keep your eyes on God no matter what happens!

Christians have been trained by religion to “keep your eyes on the prize.” So, the promise of Heaven is supposed to keep them happy through the trials of life. Well, what about life itself? What about the job that God put you on the earth to do? Are you doing that job, or are you waiting to die so that you can go to Heaven like Job? Are you so anticipating your reward in Heaven that you are so certain that you have earned with your own righteousness, like Job? God forbid that you would be such a person! Do not put your eyes on the prize, but rather set your heart and eyes upon the prize – giver! Salvation is a gift and Heaven is a gift, and your misery does not make you any more deserving! Your ability to endure that misery without turning on God does not add to your virtue! Even in the midst of coping with your pain, you are still a sinner saved by grace! Not saying that you deserve your pain because you were once a sinner, but rather pain or no pain, you are still a sinner saved by grace just like that Christian over there who is living life and loving it. And you need to be just like him … living life and loving it in the midst of your pain by focusing not on the pain, not on your “reward”, but on the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit!  

There are people out there who are really hurting. We tell these people that once they give their lives to God, He takes the pain away. Well a lot of people keep hurting AFTER they give their lives to God, and a lot of people acquire hurts during their walk with God. For these people that message is insufficient. What we need to do is equip people for reality. That is what Paul tried to do in talking about all of his hardships, all of the people who betrayed and turned on him, all the people who frustrated and abandoned him, all the time that he spent in prison. Through all that, Paul kept his joy because he kept his eyes on GOD! Now realize that the failure to do this was why so many Jews did not accept Jesus Christ as the Messiah. They were so focused on their own oppression under the Romans that their eyes left God. They immersed themselves into their religious traditions to keep themselves sustained while under subjugation, or they abandoned God entirely, claiming that He had forgotten them. So because they were only interested in someone who would deliver them from their situation, because their eyes were on themselves and their pain, poverty, and grief, they could not see God manifested in the flesh right before their eyes, and therefore rejected Him.  

And if people made that same mistake then, they will make it now and in the time to come. They will follow after false prophets, preachers, and teachers who will promise the ability to take the pain away. People who are burning with lust, they will follow after people who tell them that fornication, adultery, homosexuality, and abortion are OK. I talk a lot about sexual sin, but that is really just one example. The truth is that there has long been doctrine in the church that teaches people that it is OK to hoard money and use it for selfish purposes: that God blessed them with wealth because they are such great Christians. (Forget all of the faithful Christians in the world who are STARVING!) For a lot of people out there, times are hard. Things are rough. And this consumer Christianity that is so popular these days is not equipping people to deal with it. Neither is this “keep your eyes on Heaven, the rapture is coming any second now” message. Look, people have been preaching that for over 150 years, how would you like to be 80 years old having heard that message ever since you were born as being the solution to your loneliness, sickness, fears, oppression, and poverty? Would you be yet holding on? The truth is that we have no idea when the rapture is coming. What is even more truthful is that if the rapture ISN’T coming anytime soon, it is for the benefit of a lot of Christians, because prophecies including that from Jesus Christ Himself said that the times before the rapture will be exceedingly wicked and terrible, and it will be so much persecution and pain on Christians that a lot of these very same people with their eyes on the sky won’t be able to hold on!  

We need to begin equipping Christians today for the time at hand and lay the groundwork for the Christians who come after us for the time to come. That means dispensing with this fake “you are the consumer, God is the supplier” Christianity. We need to let people know that despite the pain that they experience today and the persecution that they face tomorrow, God is still Sovereign and we must worship Him for that reason and that reason alone in the manner in which He commands us. That, my friends, is true Christianity. True Christianity is acknowledging, submitting yourself to, loving, and worshipping the Sovereignty of God no matter your situation, not demanding that God change your situation (which would make YOU and NOT GOD sovereign). It isn’t about you, it is about Your God. Those who do not recognize this will not stand in the horrible day to come, and it would indeed be in the interests of those who cannot accept this were God to take them out of the world before the trying begings. 


Father God in the name of Christ Jesus, please may the message of Your Sovereignty be preached to those who have accepted You as their Lord through Jesus Christ, and may their hearts receive the message, and may they live the message. In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen. 


The demons that work in this area are false doctrine and self – centeredness. Please read the Basic Spiritual Warfare guide to learn more about how to go against these demons to help set captives free and win battles in the name of your God through the power, authority, and victory given to you by his Son Jesus Christ and by his blood shed for you!


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