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Why Aren’t You Angry?

Posted by Job on March 1, 2007

Exodus 32:19 – And it came to pass, as soon as he came nigh unto the camp, that he saw the calf, and the dancing: and Moses’ anger waxed hot, and he cast the tables out of his hands, and brake them beneath the mount.

A lot of Christians believe that getting angry is sinful. Some of this is due to taking Bible verses warning against anger (i.e. Proverbs 15:18, Proverbs 16:32) out of context. A great deal also comes from falsely depicting Jesus Christ as some milquetoast figure. The truth is that getting angry is not only acceptable, but required, for the true Christian. The issue is what to get angry AT and how you express that anger. Christians should not get angry over issues, incidents, and matters of this life and world, for they are corrupt and temporal and are of no consequence when compared to God’s perfect eternal kingdom. Further, realize that Satan and his agents often attempt to tempt Christians over matters of this world in order to weaken and distract Christians from tending to what is really important, which is matters of the spirit; including but not limited to spiritual warfare and evangelizing the unsaved. It is during these times that Christians should remember Ephesians 6:12, “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Rather than losing your temper and acting against the will of God, hold onto it and ask God for direction. You may find out that the root cause of the Earthly pressure situation is a spiritual attack designed to distract or weaken you, to cause problems in your family or church to drive it apart, or to make you seem to be a hypocritical, unstable, unloving, raving lunatic in front of a potential convert to drive him or her away. Also, when dealing with other people, whether saved or not, patience, love, kindness, mercy, etc. is often required.

But when it comes to SPIRITUAL MATTERS, Christians should not bridle their anger, but unleash it! We are children of God made in God’s image and born again into God. Therefore, we are of God and as God. Sin angers our God. Therefore, it should anger us also. Christians are continually being told otherwise, and it is nothing but a plot of the devil, to make God’s people less effective against combating sin by making them fearful and passive before Satan and his minions rather than eager to take any chance to do the will of our God. A lot of us forget that even though God is all powerful and will one day soon get a complete total victory over Satan and all that is his, because of Adam’s fall Satan is for a temporary basis the prince of this world. That makes Christians rebels, insurgents, freedom fighters going up against an evil empire to overthrow it. When you overthrow a government, you have to take it piece by piece; a village here, a hill there, and you need to have a mindset of continual confrontation to wear down an enemy that seemingly has all the advantages and win. In such cases, it is in the interests of the rebels to fight as often as possible. Meanwhile, it is in the best interests of the empire to use the combination of placation and intimidation to lower the number of rebels, reduce the frequency of their attacks, and undermine the resolve of fighters. Few empires can withstand a sustained, intense revolution, so the key to remaining in power is to dissuade people from fighting and especially from organizing and fighting. Often, empires desiring to remain in control will dedicate much energy to counterintelligence and disinformation to kill insurgencies before they begin. Satan clearly uses the same tactics to try to stop Christians from fighting … by removing our ZEAL and MOTIVATION!

And so we have this depiction of Christ, built up by purposefully selecting and distorting passages of the Bible, as this soft – on – sin figure, and then they use this false anti – Christ as a stick to beat Christians into submission with. We are told that Jesus consorted with and advanced the cause of sinners “to advance social justice”, not that he proselytized them; rebuked them; cast out their demons. The best example: Jesus and the adulterous woman. Everyone knows that he told her accusers “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” But no one ever says that afterwards he told her “Go and sin no more!” By doing so they depict Jesus as using the power and authority of God to advance sin, when in reality the opposite is true. Jesus both fought the sin of the people who cared not at all about this woman’s sin but wanted to falsely accuse him AND the sin of this woman’s adultery and overcame!

That distortion is just a small sample of the continual campaign to de – fang the church by us ashamed to call sin what it is, and by making us ashamed to stand against it by telling people that their behavior is sin and what will happen to them if they continue their behavior. Why? Because if we tell people that their behavior is wrong and they will be punished by a righteous God both on Earth and in the lake of fire in eternity unless they change, maybe they will. If they change, there is less sin in the world, fewer souls bound by Satan. That is one more hill, one more village, one more fort in Satan’s evil empire that falls. Satan knows that he cannot fight our evangelism, our spiritual warfare, our teaching people how to live and love and walk in victory directly, because we have all power in the name of Jesus Christ. So Satan is left with the tactic of making Christians ashamed to use the power of Jesus, and he is very busy employing it!

So, Christians are told that we must be “tolerant.” That we must be “open.” That we must be “accepting.” That we must not be “divisive” or “hateful.” We are told “Jesus said not to judge”, with all the things that Jesus said about God judging and punishing the wicked omitted. Enemies of Christ raise the specter of oppression and violence that some people who claimed to have been Christians committed against someone else at some time or another, claiming that by preaching and living God’s Word, we are charging down the slippery slope of that happening again. We are told that trying to get people to live by the Bible is an impediment to a “harmonious prosperous multi – cultural society.” And we Christians fall for it. We cannot stand being called names. We are afraid of having civil discord and violence blamed on us. We are unwilling to bear the same things that the TRUE Christ and his disciples did, who clearly had the same charges levied against them … that if they did not stop preaching their religion, Caesar would crush them!

All in an attempt to get Christians to tolerate sin. To be passive in the face of it. To look the other way. To accept in our presence. To accept it in our land. To accept it in our community. To accept it in our church. To accept it in our family. To accept it in our lives. We take the “It’s OK so long as we don’t hurt anybody” attitude. We get the notion that if we tell a member of our church that he or she is living in sin and the consequences of it, they will get offended and leave, so let them stay and learn how to live right. You cannot LEARN how to be sin – free by IMITATION! You can only be sin free with the help of the Holy Spirit! And the Holy Spirit will not move in a church that allows sinners! How can two walk together unless they agree (another saying of Jesus that is ignored)? If you let a sinner stay in your church or in your house, he won’t learn how to live right from you! You will learn how to SIN from HIM! Let me illustrate how ridiculous that logic is. Should God allow sinners, including Satan himself and all his demons, into Heaven? Won’t all the saints, angels, Jesus, and God himself be there? Wouldn’t they LEARN to be righteous if allowed to hang around? After all, they’d have forever to, right? I suppose that is the modern, open, accepting, tolerant way, but it isn’t God’s way, which will be to cast all those who choose not to follow his Commandments into the lake of fire. In a similar manner, all those who refuse to obey the Bible should be cast out of the church. The notion of having a person entering into the presence of the Lord with filthy garments and refusing to leave ought to make you angry. It ought to make you react like Moses did to the golden calf. Instead, churches are now giving sinners positions of leadership and honor!

We are taught that by telling a homosexual that he or she is offending God and will burn in the lake of fire lest they change that we are oppressing the homosexual. Nay, we are actually helping the sinner, and if the sinner repents and changes a great good has been done. It is not the homosexual that is being oppressed, it is the demons that are in and about that homosexual that are oppressed! So, no wonder those of this world tell Christians that we are bigoted for saying homosexuality is a sin and bringing homosexuals out of that lifestyle through Christ. They are of the kingdom of the prince of this world, and they are trying to protect what is theirs, which is Satan and all his demons. And the same goes for every sin that you can imagine. Every sin that you stand against in your own life, every sin that you stand against in someone else’s life, that is territory that you are taking from Satan’s empire, and we are to do this until Jesus Christ comes back and takes all of it forever!

When we see our children trending towards violence, rebellion, and sexual immorality, we ought to get angry. When we see all these marriages ending in divorce, we ought to get angry. When we see the oppression of the poor, we ought to get angry. When we see corruption in the church, we ought to get angry. When we hear people lie or blaspheme or see how covetousness, gluttony, idolatry, and bearing false witness is not only accepted but promoted in our society, we ought to get angry. When we realize that it is now more publicly acceptable to promote fornication than abstinence, we ought to get angry. When we see the routine content of movies, television shows, newspapers, and magazines, we ought to get angry. At the people? No, God will handle those. But we should DEFINITELY be angry at the sin. If we won’t get angry at the sin, then we accept it. Then we accept the root cause of the sin, which is Satan and his demons. We let them sit around, take root, and corrupt all that they desire, which is everything. We allow them to run their evil empire unchallenged. And then we are in trouble, because God specifically told us to fight against the enemy in his name, and those who do not obey are cursed.
But in order to do it, you have to have the proper motivation. You cannot be someone who sees sin right before your very eyes and just take it. You can’t walk by some street corner and see drug addicts getting strung out and people having sex right out in the open and say “that’s the world we live in!” (You shouldn’t run home or to the movie theater and get your pleasure seeing it acted out either.) And you also shouldn’t stay hidden in your safe enclave away from all that, pretending it doesn’t exist, or worse that it only happens because “those people who live in those neighborhoods are bad”, as if they aren’t God’s people too! Remember, Jesus went to “the bad side of town” seeking to help sinners, we should be doing the same no matter what color we are or how much money we make. Go where the sin is and go attack it! No, seeing this stuff happening or even KNOWING that it is happening ought to sear your soul. It ought to give you the same combination of heartbreak (for the people) and anger (at the sin and the demons who push the sin) that God feels. And that anger ought to drive you to act, to act in a way after God’s own heart. Instead of wanting “other people” to handle the problem, instead of wanting people to “take personal responsibility for their actions”, instead of having the “I gave at the office” mentality that is so pervasive, your anger will drive you to get personally involved.

In what way? However God leads you! He may not lead you to go grab that needle before the junkie sticks it in his arm, or go burn down that adult bookstore down the street. He may not tell you to lead a challenge to a member or officer of your church. But rest assured, your God WILL tell you to do SOMETHING to stand against it in his name (even if “only” praying against it and for the sinner, and I put quotation marks around only because in fact praying is the most powerful thing that you can do even though it seems so simple), and whatever it is, it will bear fruit in this world and the next. It will be for the good of all who love God! But if you accept the lies of the world that wishes to keep you passive and defeated so Satan can just own and destroy all that he wants, you won’t be doing any good for the sinners, for the saints, for your God, or even yourself! Imagine a bunch of little old church ladies marching down to an inner city crack house (or to a suburban wife – swapping meet) and just praying. You don’t think that would work? Well then the problem is YOUR FAITH! And that is precisely why so many people don’t get angry at sin. Because if they got angry at it, they’d have to fight it, and they don’t want to fight it because their faith is not where it should be, and they are not willing to go through what it takes to get it where it should be. So, they are willing to settle for being fleshly and worldly. Well, God’s got your number! Not only will you be judged, but you will be judged after a manner even harsher than that of the sinner despite all of your good works.

So people of God, do not be accommodating in any way to any sin of any fashion. Instead, let the righteous anger of God move you to stand against it. You can do a lot of good if you only allow the Holy Spirit of your God to move and work through you.


Father God in the name of Jesus Christ, please give me no tolerance for sin, but instead a complete aversion to it. May it be as repugnant to me and abhorrent to me as it is to you. Please Lord, may I do your will and your will alone, and use me Lord to be a warrior in your army, a bulwark against sin and evil of all sort, and a help to all those who will certainly seek you. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


In the name of Jesus Christ, I rebuke all demons that have been making me tolerant and passive of sin and fearful to attack it. In the name of Jesus Christ, I command those love of sin demons to go from me right now and to never return. In the name of Jesus Christ, I bind all demons that are attacking the church to keep them from standing against sin. In the name of Jesus Christ, I rebuke all demons that are trying to make the righteous tolerate unrighteousness. In the name of Jesus Christ, I command all evil spirits to loose the minds of the saints, to uncover their eyes, and uncloak their hearts when it comes to sin and your commandments to them to stand against it. In the name of Jesus Christ, I command all demons that are trying to make me and all other Christians fearful and passive in the face of evil to go, and to never return. Lord God in the name of Jesus Christ, now that I have bound and rebuked these demons and commanded them to go, please touch and afflict the hearts of your people so that they may seek deliverance and change their ways. When they listen to your music, hear your sermons, and read your Word, may what you require of them be made apparent to them. Give them, Lord, a desire to seek to do your will, to contend against the prince of this world not with flesh of blood but with the Holy Spirit. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


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