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Posted by Job on March 1, 2007

Luke 11:26 – Then goeth he, and taketh to him seven other spirits more wicked than himself; and they enter in, and dwell there: and the last state of that man is worse than the first. 

A recent edition in Parade Magazine had an article on acupuncture. The article gave the false impression of scholarly detached objectivity, but such was exposed at the end when it was revealed that the writer not only provided acupuncture services but was much impressed with having seen a demonstration of it in
China, where the practice was developed. Make no mistake, acupuncture is a practice that is thoroughly demonic: idolatry, witchcraft, and defilement of the body. As is New Age, yoga, evolution, meditation, and many other things that are being promoted in our culture, it is being promoted as secular, but it is entirely religious. For instance, adherents to this religion pray over the needles before they are used. Its alleged method of healing is balancing the flow of life energy in your body between the good (ying) and bad (yang). Do not be deceived; even if an acupuncture provider is not aware of the religious aspects and is not using needles that have been prayed over, the very act is still every bit as much witchcraft as a person who does not REALLY believe in witchcraft playing around with a crystal ball or ouija board that was not made or commissioned by a witch. Parade Magazine acknowledged in the article that the actual medical/religious practice of “correctly” inserting the needles according to the acupuncture practice does not matter; merely sticking the person at random has the same effect. Yet, failing to puncture the skin (whether the needles were placed correctly according to the acupuncture or not) has no effect. But make no mistake, demons are at work here, and powerful ones. The evidence is the author’s eyewitness account of seeing a fully conscious and smiling young woman receive open heart surgery with no anesthesia. She felt no pain at all because of a single acupuncture needle in her ear!

Reading this article reminded me of the section that dealt with acupuncture in the controversial spiritual warfare/witchcraft book He Came To Set The Captives Free. The author, a medical doctor who also used her practice as a deliverance ministry, asserted that a great percentage of her clients who required medical treatment and spiritual deliverance were former acupuncture patients. These people had sought acupuncture treatment because of a medical, mental, or emotional problem, and after the treatment the problem did indeed go away. But the result would be another, worse problem! Sometimes it would be another physical/mental/emotional illness; other times it would be different things. For example, a person would go to the acupuncturist with chronic headaches and leave with a pornography addiction. The most lengthy example cited by He Came To Set The Captives Free was that of a construction worker who thanks to acupuncture traded his bothersome but manageable sinus condition for debilitating back pain that left him barely able to move, let alone work.  

This is obviously what is going on. Not all sicknesses are demonic in nature but many are. Consider, for instance, that even acupuncture advocates admit that acupuncture does not always work; these are times when the illness is not demonic in nature. But whoever gets an acupuncture treatment, it is as if demons are literally getting injected into them through the needles. When the demon enters, it encounters a lesser demon that is the real cause of the disease. The demon that enters in via acupuncture is the more powerful demon, and it tells the lesser disease demon to either stop manifesting itself or to manifest itself in other ways, creating the illusion of being healed by a successful acupuncture treatment. Even if the lesser demon has to cease its activity altogether, it A) has to obey the stronger demon and B) retains a home to stick around in, which it appreciates. But the main point is that the stronger demon will take over! Cancer, gluttony, addiction, depression, schizophrenia, madness, rage, murder, homosexuality, witchcraft, you name it. Whatever it is, the last state of the man is worse than the first.  

But you have to consider not the acupuncture itself but rather the PRINCIPLE. The role of the lesser demon, a nuisance demon if you will, was to cause the person to seek the acupuncturist to facilitate the entrance of the stronger demon, one with the ability to exert much more destructive influence. It does not have to be a person seeking acupuncture treatment. It can be a person into psychics, voodoo, roots, witchcraft, astrology, phrenology, etc. But even that may not be the issue. The issue is the nuisance demon; the one that created the circumstances in the life of the person that caused him to let the destroying demon in. How did THAT demon get in?

Now most people would not go anywhere near a powerful demon. Even people who do not believe in demons want nothing to do with the behavior or consequences associated with strong demons. But the amazing thing is that with the nuisance demons that drive or lead people to the more powerful demons, people are much more accommodating! You have heard many stories about how excessive drinking leads to marijuana which leads to heroin/LSD which leads to cocaine? Virtually no one starts out with cocaine right off the bat; most people know what it can do and are afraid of it. But they are more than willing to engage in the seemingly much less harmful behavior that leads right up to it. Let us take another example: rape. A great many rapists started out with soft – core pornography, which advanced to hard – core pornography, which then advanced to unnatural but consensual sex, and then advanced to rape. Further, many date rapists are at first merely promiscuous. They become accustomed to bullying women into consent (often with the aid of drugs and alcohol) and later just start skipping the bullying part. The same is true of homosexuals and bisexuals: many start as promiscuous males, but after they have been with so many women they first lose interest in natural acts and begin to abuse women with unnatural ones, and what follows is the loss of natural affection. And many women become bisexual and homosexual after having been abused and raped by such men, but the gateway for these women were the fornication and drug and alcohol use. Violence? More of the same. Ranters become slappers, slappers become punchers and kickers, punchers and kickers become chokers, stabbers, and shooters. People ask of battered women why they married an abuser; the answer often is that the person was not a serious violent abuser when she met him, merely a verbal and emotional one, and the verbal and emotional abuse simply escalated into mild physical abuse and then serious physical abuse over time. (Women who knowingly seek out men that are serious physical abusers off the bat are usually those who have a history of molestation or rape, or of prior physical abuse … and to think that they say that demons are not real!) 

And it need not be things so stark as sexual violence or drug use. In our modern culture, there are lots of seemingly regular activities that will let in “minor” demons that will seek every chance to steer you to more powerful ones. Basically anything that just grabs your attention and holds you, alters your mind or thinking, or creates an intense emotional reaction is something that can let a demon in. If you regularly seek to replicate an experience for your own enjoyment – or out of a compulsion that you cannot control – then you are someone who may be at risk, especially if what you are doing is considered a “guilty pleasure”; or something that you either have to defend or conceal. There are so many negative influences out there; do not think that you can be exposed to them without being affected by them, and the fact that certain things that the Bible teaches against have achieved mainstream acceptance does not mean that A) the Bible teachings regarding it are no longer true or B) its mainstream acceptance means that there is any less demon involvement. If anything, it means that those demons are entrenched in mainstream
America! Lust, lasciviousness, anger, rage, disorder, cynicism, lying, violence, profanity, “mind games” and other subliminal tactics, lack of self – control … and those are just children’s cartoons! So, does getting captivated by the alluring cartoon bodies as children create adults who consume hard core pornography? Hmmm … and does falling in love with cartoon mayhem create aggressive adults? Hmmm … and do mystical fantasy cartoons with New Age themes, monsters, and witches create grown occultists? Hmmm … and that is just cartoons. Are you into sports? How heavily are you into sports? Enough to watch virtually every sporting event that comes on TV? Or maybe you are only REALLY into one sport, but you watch that sport all the time when it is on TV, and then follow it on the Internet. OK, so how many beer commercials do you suppose you have seen in your life? Beer commercials that not only depict but normalize Caligula – style debauchery? The first American commercial to feature depictions of homoeroticism – and violent homoeroticism at that – was a beer commercial frequently shown with sporting events. The Internet ads on sports websites are similar, and further Internet research shows that among the most popular web searches are for images of the women that appear in beer commercials and Internet ads. Hmmm …

Another area, surprisingly enough, is politics and current events. Obviously we do not have so many civic – minded people; if we did the charity volunteer centers would have to turn all the concerned citizens away! Rather, politics and current events give people an acceptable outlet to express otherwise unacceptable emotions such as hate, anger, and fear. Such can and often does develop into rage, paranoia, and violence. Or it will cause you to latch onto people, possessions, and institutions that will “protect” you from what you are paranoid about and “punish” the objects of your rage, and of course that is going to be the very same media and government that provides you with the politics and current events. It all goes back to what our parents and grandparents taught us: if you start telling small lies, pretty soon you will start telling big ones. Further, they tell you that little things like lying, laziness,  profanity, and uncleanness (both going about disheveled with poor hygiene and failure to clean your room) is the beginning of the development of rotten character. Is this not demons entering in through seemingly minor misbehaviors and flaws leading to more powerful demons that cause real problems? And consider that the real problem in today’s modern society is that parents, teachers, and other authority figures are nowhere near as vigilant about policing lies, vulgarity, and other minor character flaws as they once were. Instead, they wait for the major problems to happen and then bail their kids out of trouble. And if that is not a sign of the last state being worse than the first, then what is? 

What is incumbent upon the Believer is not to allow the first state to occur in the first place. Be vigilant, continue in prayer, and remain upright in action and conversation. Make sure that all of your activities are edifying, and also make sure that the people that you associate with are edifying. And most of all, police your mind! Virtually all of these things are very difficult without a complete surrender to the Holy Spirit. As a matter of fact, even those who surrender to the Holy Spirit have to battle to maintain their integrity, so how much more difficult will it be for someone who maintains a separation from God? And of course, the Believer who fails to separate himself from sources of temptation and corruption will have an impossible task when it comes to maintaining spiritual cleanliness. The most that such a Believer can aspire to is to prevent a minor demon from steering them to a more powerful one, and even that aspiration is vain unless the Believer admits and is conscious of what is going on. The only thing that separates a Believer from a sinner is our surrender to God through Christ and the power and protection that we get from it. We are not saved or protected by our own strength or virtue, and we do not take on inherent strength or virtue when we profess Christ. Rather, it all comes from God, and we must remain connected to God through His Holy Spirit to totally benefit from the strength and protection. He that diggeth a pit shall fall into it; and whoso breaketh an hedge, a serpent shall bite him (Ecclesiastes 10:8). That means that even if you are a Believer, if you go looking for trouble, you are going to find it. More to the point, even if you are not looking for demons, if you go where they are without spiritual covering (meaning engaging in the wrong activities or doing things with the wrong motivation and not at the direction of the Holy Spirit), the demons are going to find you. Believers, the acupuncture principle is one that should cause you to realize the necessity of being elect, faithful, obedient, submissive, holy, and sanctified for Your Lord.  


Father God in the name of Christ Jesus, please lead Your Believers to resist temptation of all forms and at all times, and to seek Your Righteousness rather than the world’s corruption. May Your Believers know that sin of all natures has real consequences, and that Your Laws are not to be taken lightly or to be transgressed in any manner.  In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen! Deliverance:

The demon that works in this area is worldliness. Members of the Body of Christ believe that they can partake of the pleasures of the world without being negatively spiritually affected. Sometimes this is due to ignorance out of false doctrine, false teaching, and spiritual immaturity (Hosea 4:6); other times it is a Believer making a willful decision to sin for his own pleasure and desire to be disobedient. We must pray and enter into spiritual warfare for our brothers and sisters in Christ, because the world and the church has become so permissive of sinful behavior that so many Christians are allowing in minor demons that will let in more powerful demons down the line! Please read the Basic Spiritual Warfare guide to learn more about how to go against these demons to help set captives free and win battles in the name of your God through the power, authority, and victory given to you by his Son Jesus Christ and by his blood shed for you! 



  1. Tina Sisco said

    I took my daughter to an ND, she performed acupuncture to regulate her periods. Is it too late to pray that the demons did not enter, or are they already in her? She only had one treatment.

    • pieter said

      Hallo Tina

      I made a rather comprehensive study of acupuncture as nobody in the world knows why it works as stated in the book on alternative medicines by Dr Stanway. I can prove to you why it works based on plain scientific principles. Acupuncture will
      work for 80% of people for the other 20% it wont work. At this stage I don’t want to comment further on it for the basis on which it works is very simple and clinical trials are at the present moment conducted to substantiate my theory. But rest assure it is not demonic. The brain is a wonderful thing and can heal the body by suggestions through for instance hypnotism. Your believe in God together with the abukement of the Demons will keep them at bay. Acupuncture can be applied to all stress related diseases and as I said will work for 80% of people and not for the other 20%. Think of the balance bracelet the working there off is purely brain washing by their selling technique of pulling the people initially off balance and the second time pushing you in such a way as to sustain your balance holding on to the bracelet. There is no proof of scientific principles involved other than the strengthening of mind over matter by this time it is common knowledge worldwide. I hope this will give you some peace of mind, by the the way was there any improvement on your daughters problem after acupuncture.



  2. Amy said

    Where do you get this information? I’m an acupuncturist. I pray an Our Father for my patients and I don’t know of any in my field praying something occult. I’ve never heard of demons taking over and producing worse things, I believe those are people prone to those diseases. Seriously, a construction worker without back problems? In 2005 a Korean doctor found the meridians. Acupuncture has been proven by science. The ear has all the nerves of the body running to it that’s why she didn’t need anesthesia. Why is it ok to insert chemicals in the name of Science into your body but not a needle to stimulate the body’s own endorphines? Why is it ok to inject morphine into the body for pain but not a tiny hairlike needle into the ear or anywhere else to bring the healing endorphines. These ate micro wounds and it triggers the cells to react. We aren’t calling demons. God gave us all the herbs we have to heal our bodies. Nature is our drug store. You have a medevil mindset and probably believe the false truths of the AMA.

    • Proof said

      I want to believe that the acupuncture meridians exist. I believe they are on to something. What people want is the proof.
      You comment that the meridians have been proven and a Korean doctor found them in 2005. Where is this information you are putting forth. Show us the source!

  3. Kat said

    How can you say meditating is demonic when it is clearly talked about in the bible as a form of communication with God. Also there is nothing that makes yoga non-Christian unless you are meditating to a foreign god. Yoga is really healthy both physically and spiritually. Don’t you know that God can speak to all of us through whichever mean he chooses… Even through those things outside our culture or religion? Pharmaceuticals and other aspects of westernized medicine are way worse for you than any eastern treatment. Come on, chemotherapy? Anti-biotics? Poisons.

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