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Posted by Job on March 24, 2007

II Timothy 2:15Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

Every day, every hour of the day, inside churches and outside churches, people are rejecting the Bible. They reject its power. They reject its righteousness. They reject its final authority. They reject is literal truth and inerrancy. Now they will claim to love its history. They will claim to love its values. They will claim to love its traditions. They even claim to love its impact on world culture and history. They do this because of a need to seem tolerant, valid, moral, even righteous in their own eyes and before the world. All morals, all righteousness, all purity, all reason demands that they accept SOME of the Bible. After all, who can disagree with “thou shalt not murder”? Who can disagree with “love thy neighbor as thyself”? Who can disagree with “judge not lest ye be judged”? Who can disagree with peace, justice, and “the golden rule”? But alas, these people cannot accept all of the Bible. They want to accept some of it. The parts which sound good TO THEM. The parts which sound consistent TO THEM. The parts which sound righteous TO THEM. The parts which THEY want to keep. So they tell themselves the big lie, which is that it is possible to keep SOME of the Bible without rejecting ALL of it. THAT is why you have people claiming such nonsense as morality being evolutionary. Why? No one wants to oppose morality. Without morality, without standards, there would be chaos. So they claim that morality, just like man and even the Bible itself, just happened out of nowhere. Even worse are the so – called Christians who claim that the Bible is merely stories and allegories, not to be fully believed, but instead should only be referenced in the context of philosophical and legal constructs that can be adapted to changing times. Which is, of course, ridiculous, for the Bible read as a philosophy or law is confusing, antiquated, contradictory, and barbaric. Even reading the Bible as literature or history is utterly useless. It makes for bad literature because God goes from being an excessively overused plot device to barely being seen or heard to do much of anything after the destruction of the first temple save for Jesus Christ being God in the flesh, and even Jesus Christ mostly departs from the scene after the gospels. And it makes for bad history because so many of the people and events recorded in the Bible, often in excruciating detail, are simply of no consequence in any secular context. So the Bible has meaning only as not only truth, but as absolute truth; the only truth. Yet that is the very meaning which everyone, especially Christians, seek to deny. The question is: why? The answer is sin. Despite what you have heard, it is quite possible to follow the Bible, because following the Bible is not something that is done by action of hand or profession of mouth but rather by the faith and will of the heart. So, the problem is not that it is impossible not to sin, because the Bible itself says that it is impossible not to sin and moreover says that one should not even try. The problem is that one should DESIRE NOT TO SIN. Make no mistake: THAT is what people cannot accept. And you know what? It is more tolerable to preach in your little “Christian” megachurch that God does not want you to sin than it is to preach the truth; that God does not want you to DESIRE to sin. Why? If you preach the LIE, then people are comforted with the LIE. Why? Because the LIE is unattainable, and everyone knows it. They will say “Hey, what God wants of us is too hard, so therefore God, being loving and righteous, will not punish be for failing to do the impossible. Instead, He will reward me for my good works.” Therefore, you will believe a LIE because that LIE will allow you to believe that it is OK to want to sin and be an unrepentant sinner. Most of all, that LIE, your very own STRONG DELUSION, keeps you from having to acknowledge the TRUTH, which is that unless you change you will die in your sins and spend an eternity in the lake of fire, and that will happen not because of what you DID, but because YOU LIKED DOING IT AND DID NOT EVEN WANT TO CHANGE! THAT is the reason why you will fail God’s test and be judged unrighteous by a God who will retain His Righteousness. It is not because God is this evil God who created some standard that was too high for you to meet because God created you for the purpose of your destruction and is gleefully awaiting that day! God forbid! God’s Own Word, the Bible which you reject, says that it is not His Will that any should perish; that the lake of fire was not prepared for man but rather for Satan and his demons! No, you will be destroyed because you loved your sins more than you loved God. That means that you loved yourself more than you loved God, and thereby you made yourself a God. Well, God’s Word said THOU SHALT HAVE NO GODS BEFORE ME! But you are a lover of self with all your lusts, filths, abominations, blasphemies, and corruptions, and not a lover of God. And for that reason, the only thing that awaits you is your destruction. Your only future is judgment.

And that is why you hate the Bible. The whole book is about YOU and what will happen to YOU. You want desperately to believe that God will save you for your works’ sake, but the Bible tells you that it is a LIE. So you reject that part, but that makes the whole thing a LIE. So you tell yourself that the Bible cannot be true, because if it is true, then judgment is true. If the Bible is true, then the judgment is true, and the judgment is coming after you. And your judgment does not merely await you, does it? No, it does not. The only thing that awaits is REWARD. True followers of Christ who have accepted the truth of the Bible and have thereby decided that they do not wish to desire sin in their hearts, THEY are awaiting something. THEY are contending something. And something is REWARD. But you? You are not contending for anything. You are not awaiting anything, because you have not been granted that privilege, you have not been given by the free gift of grace that status. I will tell you the status that you do have, though: THE STATUS OF HUNTED PREY.

Yes, that is what you are, my friend. You are an antelope. You are a rabbit. You are a chicken. You are a mouse. You are a fly. And judgment, that coming judgment day, is stalking you. You are its prey. My friend, tomorrow is not promised to you. It is not even known to you with certainty that you will finish this document. If you do, you cannot deny that the sad fact is that by the time you get through reading this, several people will have died. Now you may dispute whether some will go to reward and the rest to damnation of flame. You may dispute the standards which determine who receives reward and who inherits flame. But you cannot dispute that even if your life does extend past the amount of time that it will take for you to read this document, others will not be so fortunate, and you also cannot dispute that just as right now is their day and time, your day and time is too coming. So, my good friend, whether you want to acknowledge it or not. Judgment is coming, and unless you are born again through the one who is commonly called Jesus Christ but His Name was more likely Yeshua HaMashiach, then judgment is coming after you.

The coming judgment is a roaring lion. It is a ravening wolf. It cannot be stopped or delayed. It cannot be pleased or appeased. It knows no pity, it has no compassion. Judgment is not even death, for death itself will be overtaken by it, and the grave with it! Now a partial judgment my friend, already happened during the time of Noah. But God remembered Noah, and the partial temporary judgment was appeased. Why? Because it was the judgment of WATER. And its purpose was to cleanse creation of corruption for a time so that it could have a second chance, a second dispensation, during which Shiloh Emmanuel the Redeemer would come. But the next judgment will be by FIRE. Its purpose will not be to cleanse creation of sin for a second chance, but rather to destroy a creation that has run out of chances forever! All that is sin and all that loves sin will be destroyed in the second complete judgment, AND THAT JUDGMENT WILL LAST FOREVER! There will be no second chances for that which loves sin, but rather a new heaven and a new earth will be created for God and for all of His Servants WHO HATE AND HAVE REJECTED IT! And regrettably my friend, that does not include you. And that is why you are prey and I am not. That is why you are the fox to judgment’s hound. That is why you are the pigeon to judgment’s hawk. That is why you are fish to judgment’s shark, squid to judgment’s killer whale, and bug to judgment’s wasp. That is why you are the wildebeest to judgment’s crocodile. That is why you are the fly to judgment’s frog, the worm to judgment’s robin, and the moth to judgment’s spider. The difference is that where sometimes an occasional lucky intended victim will escape the jaws of its pursuer, forcing it to either find another quarry or starve to death, there will be no escape for YOU, lover of sin. Not only will judgment overtake you, but it will be in no danger of starvation for it will spend an eternity with you as its meal!

And when that day comes when judgment overtakes you, oh what a live one you will be. At your Creator will you shake your fist. Against Him you will gnash your teeth. Upon His Name you will spit and curse. Against His judgment shall you rebel. And of His Righteousness and Love you will accuse and deny. The whole point of your presentation will be that God’s standard was too hard, that you never knew the truth, that you never had a chance, for God had it out for you from the beginning and it just isn’t fair. After you are done, you will do at death what you never did in life, which is bow before Him and confess His Word as Your Lord. You will be made to confess that God IS Righteous, that God IS Love, and that it is because of that Righteous Love that you must be forever destroyed, tortured in an indescribably grievous flame, because you loved your sin more than you loved His Righteousness. Your love of sin you accepted, His Love of Righteousness you rejected, the choice that you made was your own for reasons none other than your own selfish arrogant pride, and that you had your chance and you blew it. You had the Bible and decided that it was not true. It was not because you could not live up to the Bible’s standard, but rather because you did not want to. God will take you through every minute of your wretched wasted existence which was so depraved that it would have been better had you died in the womb, and show you each and every chance you had to accept the gospel and rejected it. He will show you each and every time a preacher spoke to you, and you scoffed at him. He will show you each time you knowingly came near a Bible and passed it by. He will show you every time you read the Bible and denied its meaning. He will show you every time you sat in church allowing your ears to be tickled with what you knew was a lie. And then he will show you every time you persecuted a Christian for his unwillingness to abandon or compromise the truth and join you in your love of sin and your being prey for judgment! And after all of that is done, God will command His servants, those who did not join Satan in a rebellion that like you Satan knew was destined to fail but tried it anyway because of the pride in his heart, to take you and cast you into that same judgment that can never be filled, pleased, or appeased, but instead will spend an eternity trying to be filled, pleased, and appeased with you.

And you, despite how you might lie to yourself and others, despite how you are running away from it, despite how you are rejecting the loving God that so desperately wishes that you not receive it, know that your judgment is coming. You can hear it. You can smell it. You can taste it. You can feel it. You can even SEE it. In that little moment that you have when your mind slips between reality and fantasy, you see yourself in the flame. When you fall asleep and night and start to dream, you see yourself in the flame. When you step outside your door and leave your manmade house and your manmade car into God’s creation, you see yourself in the flame. And when you look past what you call the physical natural realm past the limitations of time and space and into the eternal spiritual realm, you see yourself in the flame. Now sure, it is just a glimpse, a shadow, and it does not last very long, only a hint of an instant, but for that time you see yourself in the flame! Why? Because in that hint of an instant the natural you sees the same thing afar off that the spiritual you is seeing up close! The spiritual you knows its fate, and desperately wants to avoid it and is doing everything that it can to warn you, begging you and pleading you to get reconciled with God before it is too late, before the mouth of judgment devours it! But the natural you? It tells the spiritual you no, to go and sit down. Why? Because I like sin. I like my lusts. I like my pride. I like worshipping myself. I like my false religions. I like to rant, to hate, to lie, to gossip, to cause dissension, strife, and confusion. I like to consider myself righteous because of works that are noble in my own eyes. So go away, spirit, I like my life just the way it is and have no fear of or love for this God of which you speak. I have a god of my own invention that suits me much more.

But there is just one minor detail: the Bible. Oh the Bible. Oh that book that describes what is going to happen to you. That book that describes why it is going to happen to you. That book that not only describes how one can avoid your fate, but why YOU are not going to take advantage of it. You cannot deal with it. You cannot abide it. And you cannot even tolerate anyone in your midst who does. So, therefore, you hate it. You may have seven or eight in your house, and you may even read it every day and not only quote it but thump it whenever you speak. But it is all a lie, for deep down inside you hate it because your love of sin cannot coexist with it. And you also hate me. You hate me because I love God and therefore have the Bible in me. You resent me because I will not follow after your lies. You loathe me because I will not accommodate your false doctrines. You reject me because I will not cast rose petals at your feet while you are walking down the highway to your destruction. You believe that the highway leads to heaven like that hymn says, but it does not, for the way to heaven is no highway. It is a tough, narrow, winding road filled with obstacles, rejection, pain, and persecution. If our Saviour had to endure the cross, why should our walk be a bowl of cherries? But the bowl of cherries is what you went after, and you eat your fill of it, and the part of each one that you love best is the core, rotten stinking and oozing with your own lusts and filthy abominations. Well, you are what you eat, my friend, and that is why judgment is going to eat you. And that is why you have rejected the Bible, for the Bible is Truth, and the Truth reminds you of your fate. And because you cannot face your fate, you choose to believe a lie.

Now my friend, I have told you. I have told you everything that you have ever done, and I have told you why you have done it. Moreover, I have told you everything that you will do, and why you will do it. It is not because I am some great prophet, but rather because I have seen everything about you in the Bible. The Bible is the Book of Life, and you aren’t in it! And that, my friend, is the real reason why you hate it. Now you can change. You can get on your knees and cry out to God at any time while breath is in Your Body, and He will forgive your sins and accept you in His Kingdom of Heaven. And I have already dedicated lots of my writing to those people. But this is to you, sinner. This is to you, who will harden your heart to everything that everyone who comes to you preaching in God’s Name from the Bible. This is to you, who have chosen your path and is following it. This is to you, who have made your bed and is about to lie in it. This is to you, who will never change because you have decided that if you cannot be your own god then there will be no god at all. Well then why, you might ask, am I dedicating this effort to you? Simple, because it is my job. I must do it so that when judgment day comes, God will remind you that you read this, and then remind you that you were warned.

And as for the rest of you, if you have not done so, repeat with belief and sincerity below.

Father God, the One True God of Heaven Who Created The Land, Sea, and All Things In The Earth, Above, And Below, In The Name Of Lord Jesus Christ. I Am Sorry For All My Sins. Please Forgive me. I believe that Jesus Christ was conceived by the Holy Spirit (or Holy Ghost) Born of the Virgin Mary Died for my sins on the cross Rose from the dead on the third day Ascended into heaven And is the one begotten Son of God And is God and part of the One God That is The Father, The Son, and The Holy Ghost (or Holy Spirit) And who was God and man while on Earth.  I submit that you are greater than I and all elseI submit myself to your complete authority And promise to zealously seek and obeyYour will and your will aloneAll the days of my life. I humbly request, Father God, In The Name Of JesusThat I be baptized with the Holy Spirit (or Holy Ghost)And receive evidence thereof At the time that you in your infinite wisdomWould deem appropriate.  I believe that if I have said this prayer and fully believe and have faith in the contents therein that I am saved. I believe that this prayer and belief is all that is necessary to be saved And will hold fast to my salvation and the belief therein Whatever the words or actions of any man or spirit Save God himself. The Word Of God is the only Truth there is And I renounce all else.  In the name of my Lord and Savior Jesus ChristI thank you God for having mercy on meI thank you God for saving meI thank Jesus Christ for dying for my sins on the cross and rising again For defeating death, hell, and Satan And thereby through him giving me the victory over the same And thereby through him making a way for me to enter heaven. Thank you Father for accepting me into the Body of ChristFor my salvation And for my entrance into heaven should I sincerely obey and serve you henceforth and for the rest of my life. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.If you have fulfilled above, then urgently go tell someone and thereby bear witness of your testimony. If you desire instruction and guidance concerning your salvation, feel free to contact me at healtheland@gmail.com.


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Create Spiritual Children With Your Ministry

Posted by Job on March 19, 2007

Isaiah 54:1 – Sing, O barren, thou that didst not bear; break forth into singing, and cry aloud, thou that didst not travail with child: for more are the children of the desolate than the children of the married wife, saith the LORD.

In the verse above, Isaiah was reassuring the barren women in letting them now that they were still valued in the eyes of God, and could still be useful in the Kingdom of Heaven. As stated in Do Not Covet, the plight of a barren woman in that culture could often be very bleak, for a woman’s value to the world was in her ability to bear children for her family. A woman without children in the eyes of the world had no place, no purpose, and those in that predicament would often cry out to God, blaming Him for creating them to go through life in a scorned, empty, meaningless, wasted existence. Is it as bad as I am making it sound? No, actually it was worse.

But the prophet was letting women know that they should not allow their worth to be determined by the sinful world, but rather by their Creator, Elohim. And that is a message that women need to hear today. Because in this evil day, a woman’s value is not determined by her ability to bear children, but rather her ability to create lustful imaginations and desires in men and women. (Yes, I did say women, do not be naïve; the modeling industry spends a great deal of effort finding models and poses that will simultaneously appeal to men AND to homosexual women, and the longtime photographer and editor of the notorious Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition is a woman.) And that just shows the degenerated unnatural state of our world today. , there is nothing wrong with having children while in the confines of holy matrimony; it is indeed a blessing from the Lord. But there is PLENTY wrong with provoking lust via sins of , harlotry, etc. It just shows how we have gotten to where we call good (people restricting their sexuality to having children within the confines of marriage) evil and evil (pornography, homosexuality, promiscuity, adultery, fornication, and similar) good in these last days (Isaiah 5:20).

The point is that though value in childbearing is more virtuous than value in provoking sin, women AND men should reject ALL forms of how worth is measured by the world. Because whether you are male or female, black or white (or other race), rich or poor, learned or skilled, etc. there will always be a place where you will not measure up, and that will cause you to be ungrateful and envious rather than thankful, and prideful in that which you do have as a defense mechanism moreover. And even were that not the case, it would all be vanity anyway. Your earthly esteem means nothing in the eyes of God. All of these earthly notions are sinful or are based in sin, and therefore will be destroyed in the lake of fire. Women AND men should concentrate on setting their eyes upon that which will last, which is how God sees them spiritually and their spiritual usefulness to God. God sees us as made in His Image, male and female. And God uses us not to create earthly fruit of vain works to be appreciated by man, but rather supernatural fruit in spirit and in truth to please Him. When we give of ourselves, it is corrupted by sin, and God rejects it. But when we give of the spirit, God’s Spirit, things that God put in us using the Ruach Hakadosh (Holy Spirit) through submission and faith, God accepts it. What we “bring forth” or “give birth to” using the inspiration and guide of the Ruach Hakadosh can be called “our spiritual children.” And while natural children are most excellent and a blessing from God, not everyone can have them. Since God is no respecter of persons and places in the kingdom of Heaven will not be determined in a manner where God did not bestow on barren women (or sterile men) the ability to produce, then obviously what is more important is spiritual children from your ministry. Should men and women renounce having children in order to dedicate their lives to God? God forbid! For the most important ministry a man and woman can ever have is raising their children to know and honor Christ and to worship God only in spirit and in truth. But even that is a spiritual job rather than a carnal one, for it is very possible to have children that are great successes by worldly standards but do not honor God. So God, therefore, respects things that we all have the ability to participate in.

Now there are a great many ways to produce spiritual fruit for God, and which ways one takes advantage of and in what measure is a function of the portion of the Body of Christ that each individual believer is, and of the gifts of the Ruach Hakadosh that he has. So, we will not address that in detail here. Instead, we shall focus on the two things that EVERY CHRISTIAN is capable of doing and is called to do. Those are preaching the gospel and showing charity (love). If you dedicate yourself to doing those things, your spiritual children will be many indeed. Why? Because those two things are directly related to bringing souls into the children of Heaven. Each person who hears and receives the gospel as a result of your efforts … well it is as if you would have had those children yourself! Indeed, it is better, for as stated earlier a great many women and men who have children neglect to raise them up in the Lord, thereby creating spiritual orphans. And it is those people whom YOU will become the spiritual birth parents to!

The first is preaching the gospel. No one can accept the gospel unless they hear it, and no one can hear the gospel unless it is preached, and the gospel cannot be preached unless there is a preacher. If people are going to be saved, someone has to tell them about Yeshua HaMashiach’s deity, birth, death, and resurrection, and that someone has to be you. No, I did not say “Why not you”, I said “that person HAS to be you.” While there are “surrogate mothers” for natural childbirth, in spiritual childbirth that is not the case: YOU HAVE TO PREACH. I heard a preacher assert that when we get to Heaven, people are going to go ask Yeshua HaMashiach where their family members and friends were, and upon being told “they are not here”, asking Him “Did not you create a salvation plan for them?” and His replying “Yes, and you were it, and you neglected to do it.” While witnessing to your family members, co – workers, neighbors, and friends is required, I reject the notion that the gospel should be “personalized” in such a fashion. We are, quite simply explicitly called to preach to total strangers. The former notion is based on the idea that a person is more willing to receive the gospel if it comes from someone that they know. Or that by virtue of knowing a person, one can “tailor – make” a gospel presentation that exploits that person’s needs and weaknesses. That is wrong, for it puts the pressure on the PREACHER to save people. The PREACHER does not save people, God does. Yeshua HaMashiach said that HE is the shepherd and HIS SHEEP will know HIS VOICE and respond to the sound of it. They are not your sheep, they are HIS sheep, it is not your voice it is HIS voice. So yes, perhaps preaching the gospel over and over again to a family member or co – worker over the course of many years may wear down the demonic oppression in his mind. Maybe you will be at the right place at the right time to preach the gospel when he is ready to accept it. Or maybe you will be able to, after some effort, come up with some apologetics that will convince him. That is what was the legendary case between J. R. R. Tollkein and C. S. Lewis. But even that is not your doing, for it is the Ruach Hakadosh that gave you the boldness and determination to put in the persistent effort. It was the Ruach Hakadosh that put you near your friend to preach to him when he was at his lowest point. It was the Ruach Hakadosh that gave you the wisdom to be able to answer all of your co – worker’s demonically – induced lying doubts. So just as the Ruach Hakadosh is able to do the work of bringing the sheep to the shepherd when the sheep is someone that you have known for fifty years, the Ruach Hakadosh is capable of bringing a sheep that you have known for all of thirty seconds to the shepherd.

And what of the sheep that do not respond? Do not worry. Do not grieve that your awkward or harsh or unconvincing presentation cost someone their eternal soul. Why? Again, consider the “thirty second conversions” that you hear the evangelists gushing about. How many of those “quick converts” do you believe ACTUALLY made the biggest decisions of their lives on a thirty second pitch if they have not been considering it prior? No, what happened in many of these instances is that SOMEONE ELSE PREACHED THE GOSPEL TO THEM BEFORE YOU GOT TO THEM, AND THEY HAVE BEEN THINKING ABOUT IT. Maybe for a few minutes, maybe for a few months, maybe for a hundred years! In a great many instances, all the “quick converter” does is “close the deal.” Take these “altar calls” at church. A great many of these people were not convinced to come to Jesus by the sermon. How can I say that? Because why did they come to church in the first place? Most of these people heard about Jesus somewhere else, and went to the church to be saved! Realize that there is NO FAILURE in Christ. A person who was not Christ’s sheep will not respond no matter how persistent the effort, no matter how excellent the pitch. And a person who IS Christ’s sheep? Even if they do not respond to you now, they will respond to someone else down the line. Provided, of course, that you preach to them. But the problem today is that there are so few “follow – up conversions” because there are so few initial attempts! That is what needs to be corrected. If you are shy about preaching the gospel, the best way is to just go up and do it to get your start. Walk out on the street or go to the mall and go up to the first person you see, and ask them if they want to go to Heaven when they die. If that person is a sheep, even if he laughs in your face, you will have contributed to his taking someone else more seriously down the line. If he is a goat, then well consider him practice for the sheep. Remember: Yeshua HaMashiach’s own countrymen put Him on the tree. Are you that much better than Him? (And go back to the follow – up conversion theme, a great many people who rejected Yeshua HaMashiach were later converted by the preaching of Peter and the others who accepted Him!) Where does love come in? Well, first off, you will never be a truly effective evangelist if you do not LOVE who you are evangelizing! You have to see them not so much as people of flesh, because you will be fooled by the condition of the outside. On the outside you may see a successful male who has a great job and a lot of money, is exceptionally educated, has a loving happy family where everyone conducts themselves morally, and has a fulfilling life. Try as you might, you cannot bring yourself to pity such a person. Indeed, your flesh might even envy him! On the opposite end of the spectrum, see someone who is rotting in jail for committing a series of truly heinous crimes against defenseless innocent victims. Again, you will not pity such a person in your flesh, but want to hate him! But look through the flesh to their spirits and you will see someone trapped in the pain and torment of sin and in deep dread of judgment! Only if you are able to love the SPIRIT of a person will you be able to effectively evangelize that person no matter who he is without your flesh – or his flesh – getting in the way.

 There is another dimension too, and that is simply that love makes for a great witness, especially among the people that experience you often: your church members, neighbors, friends, and family members. It is one thing to TELL them why you are saved, it is another thing to SHOW them. Get this: plenty of people would receive the gospel if they had never in their lives gone to church. Why? Because when these people went to church, they met some of the coldest and most hateful people on the planet! Synagogues of Satan, of course! Or sure, they were very nice and accommodating inside the church, but hypocrites and double – minded people out of it. Lukewarm Laodiceans! But if you can show someone true love over a consistent period of time, that will cover up the wounds that such a person has experienced in his life. That will make him forget all of the intellectual problems that he has with the Bible. It will overcome all of his biases and prejudices. That person will see in you what he has been missing in his life and want some of it! Sure, love is shown when you go to the derelicts in the streets, visit the widows and orphans in their homes, the sick and dying in their hospices, and the prisoners in jail, and these things we must do. But that does not replace showing love to the people that you see every day in your life. If you cannot see the wounded spirit in your next door neighbor that needs a salve, then the sympathy that you claim to feel for someone dying of cancer in a hospital ward is false! And if you do cannot forgive the sins of the person that you worship with each Sunday, how can you tell the drunk lying in the gutter that you want God to forgive HIS sins? Showing love not only gets people into the church, it keeps people from backsliding out of it. If you can keep yourself from taking the easy way out by either condemning someone when they sin or supporting them in their sins, and instead choose the hard path – the path of love – by showing them compassion and mercy but insisting that they need to repent not to please you or the person that they have hurt, but rather to please GOD, then the sheep will listen. As for the goats, well if you can show love to a goat then your ability to show love will be perfected when it is time to counsel a sheep’s broken heart. Christians are not charged to withdraw ourselves from the world and its problems, we are charged to go out into the world and get the people OUT of the world and its sins. But we cannot do that if we do not have love. We have to preach the gospel, and we have to show love both so that the preaching of the gospel is effective AND that the hope and power of the gospel stays with our fellowservants during the storms that they will inevitably face. That includes showing love to the all the prodigal sons upon their return. 

But you say that you do not know how to show love? Then be of good cheer, for you are better than the religious hypocrites who claim to know love but do not. Cast off the religious preconceptions, as well as the corrupt worldly notions of love. All you have to do to be one who shows perfect love – which casts out all fear – is keep John 14:15which is is keeping the Commandments of God. How is this? Well, realize that you are a sinner, born a rebel to God. So naturally there is no love or goodness in you. The religious hypocrites have no concept of this, and regard their love as actions motivated by their own hearts. Little do they know that their hearts are diseased and corrupted, cold and dead by sin to love or righteousness! So, the only way you can even have love to show it is through the Holy Spirit coming out of you. If you submit yourself to the Holy Spirit by obeying the Word of God, then that allows the Holy Spirit to use you as a vessel to bring forth love out of the spiritual realm into the natural realm. But if you disobey the commandments of God, you are actually restraining the working of the Holy Spirit with your own will. The Holy Spirit is trying to pour love out through you, but you are capping the lid on it! Or it can be said that you are a marred, corrupt vessel unfit for the Holy Spirit’s use. Also, if you love yourself first, you will do your own will and lie by calling it acceptable or even the will of God, as do the religious hypocrites. But if you love God first, you will give up your own will and desires and be contented to do the will of God. So make no mistake Christian, obedience is the key to showing love, and one of the main areas of obedience that needs be done IS TO PREACH THE GOSPEL! 

So be encouraged, fellowservants in Christ. Preach the gospel and show love, and you will have many spiritual children counted as yours on judgment day. I love you all and may God save, bless, and keep you.

Prayer: Father YHVH in the Name of Yeshua HaMashiach, may Your children forget about worldly value systems and vain works of the flesh and instead seek to produce spiritual fruit before you by faith with love and the gospel. Amen. Deliverance: The demons that work in this area are low self esteem and worldliness. Please read the Basic Spiritual Warfare guide to learn more about how to go against these demons to help set captives free and win battles in the name of your God through the power, authority, and victory given to you by his Son Jesus Christ and by his blood shed for you!

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Fear Not Temptation

Posted by Job on March 18, 2007

You know, a lot of Christians have trouble believing I Corinthians 10:13There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man: but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it. 1 Peter 2:24  – “Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness: by whose stripes ye were healed” gives a lot of people problems too. But I am here, fellowservants of the Lord, the elect remnant and the redeemed from sin from the brethren, you should know your victory that Yeshua HaMashiach has already won for you, for you see the Bible is the Word of God, Yeshua HaMashiach is the Word of God, and both are true! You just need to hear the Word so that you can walk in the faith of its truth. For the saved to be truly effective in their works, they need to know that there is no temptation that they cannot bear. In order to be effective witnesses to the world, we cannot hide in our religious country clubs and plantations, but instead we have to go where the sinners are. We cannot be effective if our fear of being overcome by the same sins that have sinners trapped in addiction, pornography, murder, violence, false religions and doctrines, etc. causes us to evade sinners, or to look down upon them when we encounter them. Faith in the truth and standing in the truth are vital if we are to truly love our neighbor by effectually preaching the gospel to him no matter who he is, where he is, or what we have done. 

How many of us will not go to a certain place to do God’s Will, or even preach or study on a certain issue, because we perceive that we have a “weakness” in that area, perhaps because we used to sin in that area, or we still have a strong desire to sin in that area? Well, the thing is that often the reason why this apprehension exists is because Satan has worked to place them in us by manipulating the circumstances in our lives, and he does so because he is able to guess that those areas are precisely the ones that God has called us to minister to people on. That is why so many prominent Christians fall in just those areas. When a pastor is known for attacking an area in his ministry, and he is later found to have indulged in that same sin, we often call him a “hypocrite.” Well, it is often precisely because Satan knew that this man was so effective in this area that he unleashed the very gates of hell against that man to ensnare him in that area, so that when he fell, it would discredit the eyes of that very effective pastor in that area both before the world and the lukewarm Christians

All you have to do is remember how Noah sinned as soon as he left the ark! That did not undo his preaching of righteousness and being saved by the ark, didn’t it? So, it is not only that Christians should not withhold from going up against their temptations because God will keep them from falling; it is that even if they DO FALL, the very same grace that saved them as sinners to begin with will keep them conciled with God. Just as the good works that Noah did before sinning were still true and Noah continued to honor God after sinning, every preacher who preached against a sin that he was later found to have committed was used by the Holy Spirit, the Ruach Hakadosh, to free people from those very sins with his preaching before his sin became known, and so long as he humbled himself and repented, he was able to be used by God to free people from that same sin just as he was before his own sins in that area became known. David fell and God restored him. Therefore, he can restore you! 

One of the most effective lies that Satan released in the church was the foolish notion that Christians should be perfect. I oppose this demonic evil here. How many people go unhelped because of the prideful Christian desire to stay perfect? And why do we want to stay perfect anyway? To please God, or ourselves? Do you not have faith in your God to keep you from sinning? Do you not have faith in God to forgive you if you do sin? Why are you a Christian in the first place, to be about God’s business and to live by faith and rely on the grace of God daily, or to pat yourself on the back and to be able to proclaim among men about what a great man you are? And if you are not healing the sick, visiting those in prison, and bringing the least of society – those who are the worst afflicted by the most depraved of demons and sins – into the Kingdom of Heaven, are you truly great? And who wants to be great anyway? Did not God say that the first shall be last and the last shall be first? Yeshua HaMashiach was offered greatness by SATAN but rejected it, instead choosing to SERVE. Which means that He had to see some things that He did not want to see. He had to stick His Hands where a lot of good Christian folk with their devils’ doctrines, vain traditions, and sinful legalism would never stick it. Yeshua HaMashiach went with the lepers, prostitutes, drunks, tax collectors, and the very dregs of society, and God protected His Virtue. Even after He died, He would not suffer His Holy One to see corruption, but instead raised Him from the dead (Psalm 16:10). What makes you think that He would not protect yours? And consider Simon Peter. Peter fell, hard, denying Yeshua HaMashiach three times, and that was after falling asleep in the Garden of Gethsemane when Yeshua HaMashiach needed his prayers the most. Yet Yeshua HaMashiach did not allow Peter to accept Satan’s lies that he was fallen and there was no hope! Yeshua HaMashiach went to Peter and told him “feed my sheep!” He let Peter know that he was saved by grace and not by works, and Peter, despite his horrible sin, could still be restored to preach the gospel of grace to others. Was Peter’s service to the Lord rendered null after he denied Christ? Was he unable to preach the gospel after he denied Christ but was forgiven? God forbid! As a matter of fact, one of the first events in Acts was Peter preaching to those who committed the same sin as he, denying Christ, and they were convicted by the Holy Spirit in Peter’s words and were saved! 

God has not given us the spirit of fear but of peace and of sound mind. Why do you fear sin, a defeated foe? See that is your problem. You really do not believe that sin is defeated. Why? Because you have watched too many action movies, where the bad guy gets totally obliterated in three seconds and is never heard from again. But talk to policemen. Talk to soldiers on the battlefield. Policemen know how someone already captured, in handcuffs, and being read his rights can still headbutt them, bite them, and kick them in the groin. Soldiers know how a mortally wounded enemy can still get off that last round or two from his gun or make one last stab or three with his bayonet to make sure that he takes someone else with him into death. And they also know how an army that has already been defeated will keep fighting to the last man rather than surrender. People have this false belief that if sin has been defeated, it should just go away because they have been falsely conditioned to believe such nonsense by media, entertainment, and the schools. Just because sin has been defeated doesn’t mean that it can’t still get a good lick or three in on you. Just because sin has been defeated doesn’t mean that it can’t trip you up and knock you flat on the back. But the difference between you and sin is that you are not defeated because the Christ in you is not defeated. Sin can hit you one or three times, you can take those hits and give back 100 punches that sin can’t take. And the only reason why sin was able to trip you up was because he was already laying flat on his back. But you can get up again, and sin can’t! You can get up, stomp sin in the head five or ten good times while sin is laying on its back, and then walk away. Sure, he might crawl after you like the snake that he is, but he can’t get up! Have you not read the Bible? Do you not understand? GOD CURSED SATAN TO CRAWL ON HIS BELLY AND EAT DUST THE REST OF HIS DAYS(Genesis 3:14)! THAT MEANS SIN HAS ALREADY FALLEN AND CAN NOT GET UP!

So Satan cannot defeat you. The only thing that he can do is to get you to defeat yourself by tricking you or scaring you into using your free will not to fight. God will not take away your free will, so if you make that decision, then you have knocked your own self out. But once you realize that Satan is a liar and sin is already defeated and even if you do go out and commit the most disgusting sin in the world, it does not matter because God’s grace will abound and you will be forgiven and still be usable by God. Now this does not mean that you should go out and sin on purpose. God forbid. This does not mean that you should not be careful and elect, and remember that all things that are possible are not expedient. God forbid. This does not mean that you should resist sin with all your being and flee temptation at all turns. God forbid. You still have to obey the Bible. You still have to keep God’s Commandments. But what you people do not realize is that if you do not get there on the battlefield and go into hand to hand combat against the enemy for all of God’s Sheep that are being held captive by the enemy by preaching them the gospel, you are not keeping His Commandments! If you are not out there putting it on the line for the Lord every day, then when judgment day comes, you are going to be telling the Lord how you loved Him and all the things you did for Him, and He will tell you to depart from Him, He knows you not, because you spent your life doing vain works that He did not care about and has no respect for because you let Satan call your shots by responding to instead of confronting your fears and thereby was too faithless to get out and do what God had actually put a call on your life to do!

Am I trying to scare you? Well, yes I am. But only because I love you. Look folks, this is serious business. The thing that you are most scared of is usually the area where SATAN most fears you operating in. No one said that serving God was going to be easy. No one said that you wouldn’t have to give up something. No one said that you wouldn’t cry a lot of tears and spend a lot of sleepless nights. But despite going through all that, just knowing that you have already overcome, that you are already redeemed into the Kingdom of Heaven under the New Covenant built on better promises ought to make it worth it! That is really the tragic, sad, ironic thing. People do not even take advantage of the better promises of the New Covenant to put themselves on the line. They go and hide in church as if God has not made a covenant with them at all! Amazing how the children of Israel went out ot battle, always outnumbered and always outgunned, under the Old Covenant and were delivered every time, and we, the new Israel, will not go out into battle under the BETTER MORE POWERFUL COVENANT! And the reason for this is all this foolish false doctrine that fills people full of fear, false doctrine that makes them fear defeated foes like sin, fear, temptation, Satan, poverty, and death more than they love their already victorious God! Well in the Name of Yeshua HaMaschiach, I rebuke that right back to the pit of hell, and I prophesy that a righteous remnant of the chosen will stand up and begin to go forth, fearless, and do that which God wants them to do but all others till this day have rejected because of their fears.

Prayer:Father YHVH in the Name of Yeshua HaMashiach, I pray that your children will know that they should not fear temptation or sin, but rather they should go out before those enemies knowing that You have already overcome them. May Your children not keep themselves to save easy religious tasks, but instead be bold going forth and doing great things according to your Divine Inspiration.  Amen.

Deliverance:The demons that work in this area are false doctrine, false religion, self – righteousness, perfectionism, pride, and fear.  Please read the Basic Spiritual Warfare guide to learn more about how to go against these demons to help set captives free and win battles in the name of your God through the power, authority, and victory given to you by his Son Jesus Christ and by his blood shed for you!

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Doer Of The Word

Posted by Job on March 8, 2007

James 1:22But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves. How does one be a doer of the word? As stated earlier, one must first be a hearer of the word. But that is not sufficient, for one can hear the word and not execute it. How, then, does one execute the word upon hearing it? Well, trying to go out and do what you hear is a step, but only a partial one. If that is the approach that you take, then your obedience to the word will be partial; you may start but then fail to follow through. Or you will fulfill some things that you hear from the word through the Holy Spirit Ruach Hakadosh but not others; your being a doer of the word will depend on your willingness to do so, your convenience, the level of opposition from Satan (who will oppose you in various ways!) and other obstacles, your comprehension of the word, or how desirable (or undesirable) doing the task sounds to you when you hear it or appears to you when you start it. And then, even if you do good in executing what you hear, you will negate it by doing evil by things that you have not heard, or have even specifically heard from God not to do. So, how does one be a true doer of the word? It is simple to say, but harder to understand and hardest to achieve: by doing nothing else! First, you must stop all activity. Everything that you are doing, no matter the motivation, must cease. Of course if you have basic obligations i.e. family and work, continue to do those, but outside of that quit it! Why? Well, why were you doing it in the first place? Were you doing it to honor God? If not, then why are you doing it? What good is it? And even if you were doing it to honor God, did God tell you to do it? Is He pleased by it? And are you doing in the manner that God wishes you to?

 As one must give up all preconceived and competing notions to hear the word, one must give up all prior, competing, and extraneous actions to DO the word. We must instead pray about and examine all of our actions. Why do we do the things that we do? What is our motivation? Is it out of expectation? Emulation? Intimidation? Is it in pursuit of some reward that we want for ourselves, or an attempt to please or win accolades from others? Even the things that we do for the church, is God in it? Is it for God? Is God for it? What percentage of our daily activities are in pursuit of God? What percentage of our daily thoughts are on things that we could or should be doing for God? The thing that you are doing right now: is it for God? If so, what of your activity prior, and afterwards?  You see, we have gotten so used to our worldly and world – seeking lives that we do not consider how much of our daily routine and how many of the things that we even aspire to do have nothing to do with God, and even offend and oppose God. How can we serve God and defy Him at the same time? How can we serve God exclusively if we have to interrupt what we do for Him and do something else? And the worst part is that it all comes automatically. We do things that have nothing to do with implementing Christ in our lives and on this earth without even thinking about it. A great deal of it is our flesh, but most of it is simply culture, lifestyle, and habit. 90% of the things that we do every day, we do it simply because we always have, and moreover we cannot conceive of a single day, let alone a life, without doing them. Yet these very things that seem harmless, routine, essential, etc. and an integral part of our lives to us block, interrupt, and oppose the plans of God within us. So, we must set our designs on not doing those things. And since we honestly cannot tell right away what things are for God, what are against Him, and what are simply extraneous, we need to just do as little as possible, and just wait for the Holy Spirit to tell us what to do. We have to take on the attitude that if God didn’t tell me to do it, then I am not going to do it!

 You might say “Well, I cannot hear God, or I am not certain.” Well, that is OK, just sit tight until you do. How else are you supposed to be at rest to hear the still, small voice in your head or in your spirit? And after you hear it, how else are you to try what you heard by the Bible? (Yes, when you hear the voice, you should immediately read the Bible to confirm in it what you heard!) Too much activity and commotion is precisely what keeps us from hearing the word, remember? And while you are waiting for the word to come? Just sit tight! Why not? Do you not realize that this is rest for the body, mind, emotions, and spirit? It is your SABBATH! So many spiritual problems in the Body of Christ are due to people being exhausted and stressed out, and that is particularly sad when the exhausting stressful activities are in 99% of the cases things that God has not asked for and does not want! Realize that the Word of the Lord came to Moses after he had spent 40 years as a shepherd and tending his family and was content. The same with the Promise being fulfilled to Abraham, when he was at rest. The Word came to Daniel after he had set his mind on the Lord through fasting. And when Elijah was running for his life from Jezebel, the Lord had him wait by a brook where he could eat and drink and rest before giving him further instructions, and later he had Elijah rest with the widow whose son that he raised from the dead. So just sit and wait on the Lord! Another reason for the waiting: purification. You almost certainly were defiling yourself with acts that are against God’s Will, and those acts were habitual for you. Sitting around and doing nothing cleanses you from what you have done, and it breaks those bad habits. You will suffer withdrawal for a while, but eventually you will no longer be used to and then no longer even desire to do those things. Then you will begin to wonder why you ever did them in the first place, and will cringe at some of the things that you used to do. That is called allowing the Holy Spirit to work on you, to grow fruits in you. That is called RENEWING YOUR MIND. What is renewing your mind? The word that you are hearing while you are at rest.  But when your rest is over and your mind is sufficiently renewed, you will be able to go and do the word without having to be double – minded fighting against the corruption of your deeds, your bad habits, or your desire to break off doing God’s Will and go do bad habits. Fulfilling God’s Word and contending against the enemy using your spiritual weapons is plenty enough of a task, you do not want to be fighting against part of yourself or your nature either.

 You might feel foolish or lazy, wondering about all the things that you could be doing while you are at rest waiting to get to the point where you are fit for God’s use. Do not be. Why not? Because you were not doing those things for God before and the world did not stop. Why should it matter now? If your not being a doer of the world was not an issue while you were doing evil, why should it be an issue while the Holy Spirit is conditioning you to do good? Just be patient, relax, read your Bible, sing songs of praise and thanksgiving to God, and fulfill any prayer burden that the Lord puts on you during this time. See, while you are resting until you are made ready by God to do God’s Word, you can pray God’s Word as He leads you so that whatever tasks that He has can go to someone else, and you can also pray against the forces of evil that they would be bound from attempting to hinder who God is ready to use right now. And yes, when God sends you out, there will be others praying for you in that same manner!  Being a doer of the word by doing nothing may seem backwards, but please remember that the ways of God are not supposed to conform to human intelligence! Just accept the fact that before you can be a true doer of God’s Word, you must first cease doing that which is NOT God’s Word, and more importantly break your desire and nature to do those things! Have you ever heard of a trailblazer? The trailblazer’s job is to go through the trail first, removing the obstacles out of the way so that the people behind him, the people who actually do the work, can get through to do their work. Your ceasing activity is your trailblazing, removing all of your obstacles to service of God before your service can start.

It is also an act of humility. You will be admitting to God that your selfish works and the things that emanate from your flesh are unacceptable to Him, unsuitable to Him, and have no goodness to them in any context. You will be admitting to God that it is better for you to do nothing for Him than anything of yourself! Once you break the “I am a good person who does good things naturally” mindset, then you will be ready to take on “Only God is good and only the things done of and in God are good” as a state of mind. That way, when the word comes, you won’t go do good for God, then run out and do evil for and of your flesh, and go to bed thinking that you have done two good things that day, or even that the good that you have done outweighs or negates the evil. Instead, you will attain the mindset: “Whatever I do, may it not be evil!”  Now once the actual execution of the word starts, it will be a challenge! You will need to be faithful, obedient, persevering, humble, and not self – seeking and to put on the whole armor of God to complete it. But look at it this way: all the rest that God gave you before your activity began will result in your having plenty of energy and a stress – free, uncluttered, undivided mind to get it done with! And with that plus God on your side, your ability to walk in the faith that you will do the will of God will be immense, and nothing will be able to stop you from doing the word that God has put within you! In the Name of Yeshua HaMashiach, thank you God and Hallelujah! Prayer:Father God in the name of Christ Jesus, may your children realize that in order to truly do Your Word, they must stop doing that which is not Your Word. In the Name of Yeshua HaMashiach, let it be so. 

  Deliverance:The demons that work in this area are false religion, self – seeking, false burden, legalism, ritualism, worldliness, and anything else that causes people to do anything other than that which God has told them to do. Pride has to go also, so that people will not regard the works that they are doing outside of God’s Will as acceptable or positive in any way. Hyperactivity, restlessness, driving, and pressure also drive people to do unedifying activities that interrupt or prevent them from carrying out the will of God. Please read the Basic Spiritual Warfare guide to learn more about how to go against these demons to help set captives free and win battles in the name of your God through the power, authority, and victory given to you by his Son Jesus Christ and by his blood shed for you!

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Posted by Job on March 6, 2007

Psalm 119:9 – Wherewithal shall a young man cleanse his way? by taking heed thereto according to thy word. How are we to walk without sin? How are we to have pure hearts so that our sins will not only be forgiven, but not vex us with guilt and grieve us? How are we to walk in courage so that fear of sin or death does not hinder us? How are we to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, comfort the grieving, and provide counsel to the confused and tormented? How are we to grow in wisdom, knowledge, patience, love, self – control, humility, and faith, and then be able to use the gifts and fruits that God has bestowed upon us unearned through grace not only in an everyday practical way, but in wondrous supernatural ways that cannot be measured, predicted, or known? Simple: we cannot do these things except we receive instruction. 

Christians must cease to be arrogant, self – righteous, self – satisfied, stubborn, or lazy; all of which are traits which religion builds in people. We must arrive to the point where we are willing to humble and submit ourselves to God so that we might receive instruction, where we can admit that our knowledge and man’s knowledge is not enough. That our traditions, doctrines, liturgies, rituals, philosophies, and theories that man has built up over the years in his vain attempt to explain or replace God through religion rather than submit to God through faith are not adequate. We must admit to ourselves that despite our years of study and practicing religion, we know nothing unless we know God, because God is all truth and therefore all that there is to know. Only when we reach that point of submission and humility, when we get to the point where we are willing to completely start over and begin anew, that we can really begin to seek to know the Word. Only when we reject what we have built up in the flesh through our own works through religion can we start to accept what is new and holy. We cannot add holiness to flesh, for there is no mixing between man and spirit, between holiness and sin, between purity and corruption. We cannot put new wine in old bottle. And we also cannot wash, scrub, or sterilize our old bottles in an attempt to reuse, recycle, or redeem that which we already have, because no matter what we do to the old bottle, it is still an old bottle. We need a new bottle to put our new wine in. Of course, that offends most people. They want to preserve the hard work and great knowledge that they already have. They think that if they “start over”, then their lives to that point has been a waste. They do not want to give up any position that they have earned in the flesh, or any notion of esteem that they have within themselves and in the eyes of others. Because of this pride and fear of the unknown that comes with a new start, their eyes are blinded to any positive way of viewing their new situation. They harden their heart to the notion that they have advanced beyond where they were before. They do not see themselves, for instance, as a caterpillar that becomes a butterfly and needs to learn to fly and drink nectar. Instead, they want to put a wing and an antenna on the caterpillar and keep feeding off the same leaves that they always have. The thought has not occurred to them that when winter comes, the plant will die and the air will become cold, leaving the caterpillar without food and shelter. The result? The caterpillar will surely die because it is still a caterpillar, even if it did adorn itself with a wing, an antenna, and even a leg or two. Only the caterpillars that were willing to completely renounce being caterpillars and become butterflies will be able to fly way up into the air, into the jet stream, and ride it to the place of refuge where the air will be warm, the food will be plenty, and they will be nourished and protected by the maker of all butterflies and all things.  

This is what Yeshua HaMashiach, Jesus Christ, meant when He spoke of “being born again.” “Becoming a new creature.” Or “becoming as a child” in verses like Matthew 18:3. Why? Because a little child has no prior conceits and vanities concerning his own greatness, accomplishments, or worth. A little child has not formed within himself any concept of truth according to his own understanding and perceptions. A little child is not seeing things through the prism of what has been built up in him by his worldly teachers. A little child has not grown cynical and mistrustful due to all the hurts, lies, and broken expectations placed in him with his experiences with fallible man. A little child will not hedge his bets or put a little action on both sides to prevent a total loss, but will risk everything. A little child accepts what he is told. In other words, a little child has true faith. So in order to truly become born again according to the Word, you have to reject everything that you thought that you were learning about the world back when your ears, mind, and heart were filled with sin, and start hearing the Word for the first time for real. But before you can start doing that, you need to get to where you admit that you need to do so! Once you do that, then man is no longer your teacher. God becomes your teacher. When you hear a sermon, you will immediately be able to tell if the deliverer is inspired by the Holy Spirit, the Ruach Hakadosh, or not. If he is, you will desire to hear him no matter what he (or she) looks like or sounds like. If not, the Holy Spirit that is indwelling you will grieve you and urge you not to suffer it, no matter the name, reputation, worldly success, or oratorical skill of the speaker. Why? Because where with the latter you are being taught imperfection by man – however sincere this man is – with the former you are being taught truth by God, no matter how disheveled his appearance, clumsy his diction, or inarticulate his oration.  

And while the sermons and instructions of whoever God appoints as your pastor are exceedingly important, what is more important is what the Ruach Hakadosh reveals to you concerning the Word of God, the Bible. Before your lack of faith and corrupt worldly notions might have given you strange notions about the Word, such as how you REALLY do not have to pay attention to the Old Testament with all of its regulations, rituals, genealogies, observances, and detailed descriptions of obscure people and events. It is not surprising, because though before you might have legitimately been saved through faith, you really did not know what your faith was in. Before you knew of God and believed in what you knew of, but you did not KNOW God for yourself. Say you are adopting a child from a foreign country. You may become very familiar with the child’s picture. You may even see videos of the child, exchange letters with the child, and interact with the child over a real time video link. But you are not really going to know that child until you see him standing before you; until you hold the child in your arms; until you take the child home, put the child in its bed, and give the child breakfast when he or she wakes up in the morning! That is a comparison between the image of God that you see when you read the Bible through your religious experience, and when you read the Bible in a humble, submissive, and open state and thereby receive Ruach Hakadosh revelation. That is when you begin to see and hear God’s Word for real. That is when you begin to know God for real. That is when you begin to receive reliable knowledge for real. And that is when you begin to experience and have LOVE for real.  Christians are called upon to be doers of the Word, to not only imitate Christ but IMPLEMENT Yeshua HaMashiach on the earth. Now I did not say that we are to implement Christ’s plan or Christ’s teachings on the earth. We are to implement CHRIST on the earth. And there is a real difference. People who follow religion and know only an image of God through it (though they think they really truly know Him) are only capable of following what they believe to be the teachings of Christ or implementing what they believe to be the plan of Christ. And they are capable of thereby doing some good and hindering the works of Satan somewhat, so long as they are sincere and their understanding of the plan and teachings of Christ coincide with truth. But sadly, many are not sincere because they have not truly experienced the love of Christ, and they often veer from the truth because they do not know the Truth, which is God. It is often not through any evil intention of their own, but rather unavoidable, because what they have received is imperfect, what they are is imperfect, and therefore they will follow after imperfection. Of those people, we should not pray that they do more good than harm, but rather they submit themselves and be born again in the Word so that they will do only good and no harm at all! But make no mistake, only those who truly hear the Word in spirit and truth as revealed to them by the Ruach Hakadosh are capable of implementing Christ on the earth, because only by hearing the Holy Spirit are you able to know how. So stop trying to do vain imperfect things that you have heard from man, and instead seek to be a hearer of God’s Word from God Himself.  

Prayer:Father God in the name of Christ Jesus, let it be preached to your children that they must submit themselves to You completely, humble themselves completely, cast off the old man and the old knowledge completely, and become as babes, to start completely over, so that they can begin hearing the Word from You. Help them to know the importance of hearing the Word from You; that only if they are hearers of the Word in spirit and truth can they truly know God, experience love, and do God’s Will on earth as it is in Heaven. In the Name of Yeshua HaMashiach, let it be so.   

Deliverance:The demons that work in this area are false religion and false teaching, as well as the pride, fear, deception, self – seeking, self – centeredness, and self – deception that causes people to hold onto the false religion and false teaching rather than admit that they need to start over and see that nothing is lost but all is gained by doing so. Please read the Basic Spiritual Warfare guide to learn more about how to go against these demons to help set captives free and win battles in the name of your God through the power, authority, and victory given to you by his Son Jesus Christ and by his blood shed for you!

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The Most Radical Statement In The Bible

Posted by Job on March 2, 2007

Genesis 17:1 – And when Abram was ninety years old and nine, the LORD appeared to Abram, and said unto him, I am the Almighty God; walk before me, and be thou perfect. 

Do you know what the most radical statement in the Bible? The one that changes everything? That tells you what everything is all about? That should settle all of our theological debates and arguments, and moreover exhibits how foolish and small they are? The one that lets you know that it is ridiculous to say “This cannot happen” or “that is impossible” or “I do not believe in this or that”? Well let me tell you what this mighty, powerful, radical statement that should open the eyes and clear the minds of all who believe it. That statement is – drum roll please – “IN THE BEGINNING GOD!” That’s right, the first four words of the Bible. The second most powerful statement? “IN THE BEGINNING WAS THE WORD”, which of course explicitly declares the deity of Jesus Christ. But it is subject to the first, just as Jesus Christ is subject to the Father, because first the existence of deity must be declared before any specifics of the deity are dealt with. Otherwise, it is like buying house paint without a house.
And that is why the Bible gets it out of the way right from the very start. It does not declare things about man or world, but rather the existence of God, and in that very declaration makes it clear that only the existence of that very God is what makes the existence of man, the world, and everything else possible. This is important because once you realize the existence of a self – existent being with the power to create everything out of nothing – a God – then you have to realizing that arguing about this same God is absurd. What is there to argue about, really? I mean, this is GOD we are talking about here. In general terms AND especially compared to US, any GOD that exists obviously has to be capable of doing anything. And since GOD is capable of doing anything, why not do it? What kind of a mind considers A DIETY and concludes that A DIETY will not or cannot do something?
The answer is that NO MIND WILL, because it is absurd. When using THE MIND, such a person will realize that the only restriction on the power and prerogative of a diety is the diety itself. Furthermore, that person will realize that his mind’s capacity is so limited when compared against the vastness of the power and prerogative of a diety that he cannot even begin to comprehend the diety’s power, the diety’s prerogative, or how they interrelate. So what is the problem if it is not the mind? It is, quite simply, THE HEART. More to the point, rebellious wicked hearts. 

Now this is not aimed at those who do not believe in God; for those I refer to Is God Real? on the main site. This, instead, refers to people who claim to acknowledge the existence of God but in truth deny the existence of God because of the hardness, wickedness, and rebellion in their hearts. They tell themselves that there are things that God cannot see, things that God cannot do, or situations where God will not act. Why? Because of a desire to deny the fact that the universe does not revolve around them. Because of the fact that there is an entity that they have to regard whether they choose to or not. Oh, do not make no mistake, people are excellent at regarding, honoring, bowing to, and obeying. But the issue is that they only do it for things which they themselves choose to. For instance, I CHOOSE to love my country. I CHOOSE to obey my boss. I CHOOSE to adhere to a religion or philosophy. Why do they do this? Not because of any power, merit, or righteousness that your nation, employer, or religion/philosophy has, but rather because of how it makes you feel. Loving your country makes you feel good. Obeying your boss keeps income coming in that allows you to buy the things that you want. And your religion or philosophy gives you a sense of purpose – or superiority – that you choose for yourself. So while their mind says: “There is a God”, their heart says “Yeah big deal, what about me?”  

And so, the heart overpowers the mind. The mind starts to believe the lies that the heart tells it to diminish God in the eyes of the mind. And in order for the heart to remain dominant, it tells the heart not to think about God! Why? Because if the mind truly probes God, then it will cast off the ridiculous limitations. Oh, the heart will get you thinking about your job. Your home. Your circumstances. And for religious people, your religious doctrine and theology, your church, your pastor, and your works. Do not  make the mistake of putting all this on secular atheist humanists, religious people excel at keeping themselves so busy that they never think about God! They ESPECIALLY never think about whether God is pleased with them and their religion! Instead, they think to themselves: “OF COURSE God is!” I am doing the things that I am supposed to do! That is their heart causing their mind to forget that GOD, A DIETY, IS BIGGER THAN “THE THINGS THAT THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO DO!” 

So, these people who say “God will certainly reward me for this.” Or “God surely won’t cast you into hell for that.” Or “God doesn’t use people like that.” Or “that’s not how God works.” Or “things like that don’t happen anymore; we’re in ‘a different age.’” Or “that isn’t what God’s Word really means; you can’t interpret it like that.” People will rationalize God’s power, authority, and prerogative away to the point where in their eyes God diminishes to where He is actually LESS than a human! And of course He would have to be LESS than a human, because it is the DESIRE of that human to make God LESS than him!  

It would be oh so very easy and convenient for me to pretend that this is primarily a problem with liberal Christians who have come out and said that they do not believe that the Bible is literally true or authoritative in most contexts. But that is not the case. The truth is that those are the ones who are being the most honest! A lot of the “fundamentalists” and the “evangelicals” are extremely fundamentally evangelical about limiting God with their ritual, tradition, and doctrine, and about viewing God in terms of what they want and think is right and true based on their desires and expectations rather than what God is and wants. The best example of this? Rapture – believers who claim that the rapture will come before the great tribulation. Why? Because they don’t want to go through the great tribulation! It doesn’t matter to them that God may have something that He wants for them to do during the tribulation. All they know is that THEY don’t want to go through it, and they have convinced themselves that since they are such good Christians that they shouldn’t have to be exposed to it. That makes them no different from the liberal Christian who thinks that God CAN’T send “good people” to hell just because they have accepted Christ.  

We religious people want to make God the center of OUR RELIGION, as opposed to our faith. Rather than accepting that God can and do anything according to His prerogatives, we limit what God can and will do according to what our religion says He can or will do, and our religion winds up being based on what we want to regard God as being able and willing to do. You can change your religion as easily as you change your clothes – and some people even more easily – so the instant that you run up against something that your religion tells you about God that makes you uncomfortable, you either change your church or you simply ignore and reject it. Even a great many people who purport to have this great reverence for God and suffer many things for His Name will only do so in accordance to how they personally view God, and how and why they feel that God should regard their reverence and suffering.

At a more fundamental level, we have to realize that the most fantastic thing about the Bible is not anything that God did. It is not anything that God used man to do. Rather, it is the fact that God exists. Even before our secular humanistic society, that very concept is the most unthinkable, unprovable, foreign, contemptible notion to anything natural. The notion of the existence of God is inherently at conflict with man’s being. It is only because of a desire to believe in SOMETHING that people begin to decide out of necessity rather than desire that a God must exist in order to explain the unexplained, or to have some sort of hope for and meaning in their empty lives. But even then all these people do is fashion their own false God that fits their imagination. Their God is limited not only by their imagination, but by their desire to limit Him into something that pleases and does not threaten them; an idol.

The challenge for us Christians is to not turn God into an idol that we limit with our desire for Him to serve us rather than us serve Him. An idol that we create out of our desire to fit everything in a neat little box. An idol that we create out of our desire to force God to conform to our human morals and logic. An idol that we create in order to force God to conform to our religion or tradition. We have to realize that God does not belong to us, but rather we belong to God! This whole universe, the very notion of existence itself, it all belongs to God! We have to sit back every now and then and ponder what it means. We have to allow ourselves to be challenged by it; to be awed by it; to know that God is bigger than our experience, unlike anything that we have ever seen, experienced, or imagined. We have to stop thinking about all of these things that God allegedly hasn’t done, can’t do, or won’t do. Why? Because God is not a function of what He is doing, especially not at any one particular time, particularly when you consider that God exists outside of time, controls time, and is not a function of time. We should not even think of how we can please God. Why? Because we lack the capacity to please God. The only way that we can please by God is if God chooses in what manner He is going to consider Himself pleased by us. Instead of thinking about how we can please God, think of how the GOD THAT IS IN US ALREADY PLEASES GOD!

So Christians, dedicate more time, lots more time, to just thinking about who and what God IS, and thanking Him for it. So many Christians never consider God. They take Him for granted because they think they know Him already. They do not. What they know is their religion. Well, do you know the Lord? Are you saved? If so, then you really need to just start thinking, pondering, LOVING the Your God just because He exists, and to do so with no expectations, no wants, no desires, no conditions, no strings attached.



Father God in the name of Christ Jesus, I ask you that Your children would fall in love with the idea of Your Very Existence, and that knowing what the fact that You even exist means, how it changes everything. May this cause a change in Your children, may it change how they view You, themselves, and the work that You have created us to do.  In the Name of Jesus Christ, amen.  


The demons that work in this area are selfishness, idolatry, faithlessness, false religion, and false teaching. It causes people to forsake seeking to spiritually discover the truth of the True God and instead replace the True God in their hearts and in their thinking with false gods that they create themselves. Please read the Basic Spiritual Warfare guide to learn more about how to go against these demons to help set captives free and win battles in the name of your God through the power, authority, and victory given to you by his Son Jesus Christ and by his blood shed for you!

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Do Not Covet

Posted by Job on March 2, 2007

Isaiah 54:1 – Sing, O barren, thou that didst not bear; break forth into singing, and cry aloud, thou that didst not travail with child: for more are the children of the desolate than the children of the married wife, saith the LORD.

A lot of times, we fall into the trap of considering what we do not have. Many times it is a trick of Satan, other times it is the lack of something that is near and dear to our own hearts. It is very easy to fall into the sin of coveting as a result. It can also drive us to ask things of God that are not His Will, and go after false doctrines trying to get them. And it can even cause us to lose our faith, falsely accuse God, and turn away from Him. Such things certainly are not what God wants, and it should not be what we should want.   I Corinthians 10:13 says: “There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man: but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it.” So, God is not withholding something from you that you need; but rather giving you something else that He would rather have you do. Instead of being heartbroken over something that God has not seen fit to give you, dedicate yourself happily to whatever God has already placed to your charge. Remember the parable where the ruler gave one man five talents, another man two, and another one each according to his ability? Had the man who received two talents coveted what was given to the one who had five, then he would have never been able to multiply that which had been given to him, and he would have received the same fate as the one who hid his talents in the sand: being cast into the outer darkness (which means outside the kingdom of Heaven and eventually eternal destruction in the lake of fire). We do not want that to be us! So how appropriate it was that the prophet Isaiah chose to use the example of the barren woman. Please recall that in the time, place, and culture that Isaiah lived, women had very little self – determination and very few rights. Their value to society – and often even to their own family members, not only husbands but brothers and fathers – was in their ability to have children, especially sons. That was why when God saw that Jacob was mistreating Leah (in a fashion that God later forbad when He gave
Israel the law), he closed Rachel’s womb and blessed Leah to have children. A woman who had male children would be conferred status, privilege, and economic rights through her sons in society and in her own house, but the woman who had no children would be little more than a servant to her closest male relative (husband, father, brother, etc.). The plight of a barren woman was so bad in worldly terms that a woman would even have her beloved husband to have intercourse with another women (her servant) so that she could gain economic rights and social status through the child of a servant that she could claim as her own. When Rachel saw herself experiencing some of what Leah went through after Leah had children but she did not, she quickly gave Jacob HER servant to try to regain her place. And of course, we remember the disastrous decision of Sarai (Sarah) to give Abram (Abraham) Hagar to have a child by. But as Isaiah stated in the verse above, we are not to be governed by the wicked temporary standards of the world, but by the righteous standards of God! An example of this is that the world has gotten so wicked these days that in many communities, in some high, junior high, or even middle schools, every teen or preteen girl has a baby (out of wedlock of course, and some fathered by grown men who are nothing more than child molesters who belong in jail). And almost every corresponding boy in that school has fathered a child as well. So there is actually peer pressure on these kids to go out, become sexually active, and have children just as they do. Of course, God does not want us to be conformed to the worldly pressure to sin like that.

 So, instead of focusing on what we want from God, let us be concerned about what God wants from us. Yes, the Bible tells us that Abraham believed God concerning Isaac, and it was accounted to him for righteousness. But NOWHERE does it say that Abraham asked God for a child! Rather, God CAME TO ABRAHAM AND TOLD HIM THAT HE WOULD HAVE A CHILD! Big difference, right? So, we have to have the faith of Abraham, not desiring things of God from our own imaginations, but claiming the things which God puts into OUR imagination. How do we know what God has for us and what He does not have for us? Well, that is why everyone must pray, and do so earnestly, honestly, and without ceasing. Not only because just as we are to not go coveting things that God does not have for us, we are also not to sit back and accept Satan, the liar, deceiver, and accuser, blocking the things that God DOES have for us. And that is one of the main reasons not to covet: we want some carrot that Satan is dangling in front of our nose, and we miss our opportunity to pray, speak the word of faith, and go into spiritual warfare over the big juicy steak that God has put on our plate! Often times, we just have to go from the bedroom to the dining room to get our steak, but Satan has our minds so bound by the carrot that we are unable to even get out of bed!  So please, refer to our section on prayer help so that you can get to the point where you will know God’s plan for you by praying.  One thing that should help: forget about yesterday or tomorrow, and concentrate on what God has you doing today.  So please, do not covet. Instead, accept what God has in store for you today.

Father God YHVH, in the Name of Jesus Christ, may Your people not covet, but instead seek and receive that which You have given them. In the Name of Yeshua HaMashiach, Amen.   Deliverance:The demon that works in this area is coveting. Please read the Basic Spiritual Warfare guide to learn more about how to go against these demons to help set captives free and win battles in the name of your God through the power, authority, and victory given to you by his Son Jesus Christ and by his blood shed for you! 

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The Three Step Holiness Program

Posted by Job on March 2, 2007

I Peter 1:16 – Because it is written, Be ye holy; for I am holy.

Certain religious folk tell you that you have to be holy in order to please God, receive anything from God, or go to Heaven. They are correct. But they never tell you how to go about being holy. Or even worse, the way that they give you to go about being holy is wrong. As a matter of fact, it makes you LESS HOLY than you were before! So what is the answer to this great mystery? How does one become holy? What does one do to become holy? The first step is realizing that you don’t have to DO anything. Actually, you should realize that you CANNOT do anything. It is not a matter of your inability to be holy on your own, it is your inability to accomplish any sort of holiness in any manner, and also your inability to facilitate any sort of holiness in any way. Once you do that, you are well on your way to holiness! Let me explain. Humans are naturally vain, proud. We want to believe that we are basically good and that we can do good. As a result, we want to believe that we can make ourselves holy or at minimum make ourselves holy. Why? Because we believe that we are already good, and all that needs to happen is for us to become BETTER, to be better at what we are already good at, or to add more good things to what we already have and do, or make a small good a great one within us, or to become more effective or consistent with our goodness. But this is the opposite of truth. The truth is that we have to cast aside our pride and vanity, and realize that we have nothing good, we do nothing good, and we are nothing good. That nothing good can come from inside of us, but rather that all good must come from OUTSIDE of us. In short, we have to believe in original sin, that we are mere fallen Adams, totally thoroughly corrupt, wicked, and depraved, rebels against God, and furthermore exceptionally harmful because we are in the image of God and have and use power in our wicked state to work great evil. Lots of people KNOW original sin, but few believe and accept it and apply it to themselves. Until they do, they can never be holy because they can never get past that first step, and the first step must be taken before the second one can be reached.

What is that second step? Knowing that one becomes holy by accepting Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour. If you have not done so, become saved – and holy – right now by following this three step process (http://healthelandgeneraldocuments.wordpress.com/2007/04/13/the-three-step-salvation-plan/). Once you are saved through Yeshua HaMashiach, then you receive the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit is what makes you holy. It is simple as that, done, over with, completed forever, or as Jesus Christ said on the cross, “it is finished.” How is this possible? Well, there is none holy but God (I Samuel 2:2). The Holy Spirit is God (I John 5:5 – 9). And once you receive God you receive in you God’s Spirit (John 14:26) indwelling within you. And since God is holy, God in you makes you holy (Romans 15:16). It is as simple as that. A personal relationship with Jesus Christ makes you holy. There is nothing else that needs to be done. More to the point, there is nothing else that CAN BE DONE. Accept it, believe it, receive it, preach it, and act in it.

What is step three? Do not negate steps one and two. Satan will tell you that you are not holy. Your flesh will tell you that you are not holy. Many Christians, including men of renown as well as some sincere but misguided folk, will tell you that you are not holy. So, you will be tempted to believe that whereas before you were in Adam and unable to do anything to accomplish or establish your holiness because you were bad, that now because you are good you can do something to get yourself holy. Fasting, prayer, Bible study, works, abstaining, etc. You do realize that thoroughly wretched people are capable of doing the same, and it does not make THEM any more holy! In order for something to be useful to God, it has to be something that the wicked cannot do! And what is the one thing that the wicked cannot do? Call Jesus Christ, Yeshua HaMashiach, Lord. So if you forget one and two and do the least little thing to try to be holy, then you transgress Romans 2:25: For circumcision verily profiteth, if thou keep the law: but if thou be a breaker of the law, thy circumcision is made uncircumcision.”

See, this is the whole point of grace: God giving us something that we cannot earn and will never deserve. And we receive holiness by grace (Romans 5:17) just as we receive salvation the same (Galatians 2:21). And as Galatians 2:21 says, if you can gain anything given by grace through works, then Yeshua HaMashiach died in vain. So, if you try to accomplish anything given through grace by works, then you nullify what you received by grace. Why? Because you are telling God that you are worthy. That you are able to earn holiness. That you deserved holiness. Ultimately, that God did not give you holiness, but that you got it for yourself! That you do not need God, that you are not subject to God, that you stand in the place of God. In other words, you become Adam again! Did not Eve eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil to be “as the gods”? Eve rejected what she had already been given to her freely, unearned, and undeserving already: that she was already a god, a child of the Most High (Psalm 82:6)! She tried to accomplish through her own works what was given to her by grace, and thereby forfeited what was already hers through grace. The key for you, dear Christian, in matters concerning salvation, sanctification, holiness, and all other things received through grace, is to not do the same. Yeshua HaMashiach died for you, and He did not do so in vain. Do not reject what He did for you by claiming that He did not need to because you were good enough already.

You might say – and do so honestly! – how can I be holy if I do not feel or act holy? Is it a matter of faith? No, you were born with a measure of faith (Romans 12:3). Is it a matter of works? No, works will not make you feel what you already are, and works will not even open your eyes to the fact that being saved your works and the fruit thereof are already holy and acceptable so long as you perform them in humility and obedience. No, it is a matter of RENEWING YOUR MIND, and that is a topic that is, while exceedingly important and necessary for spiritual maturity, for another day. If you desire assistance in that matter or have any other questions, please contact us at healtheland@.lpemail.com. May the peace of Elohim our creator through His Son and Word Yeshua HaMashiach be upon you from everlasting through everlasting!

Prayer: Father God in the Name of Your Son Jesus Christ, may your people know that they do not have to seek or work on holiness because they are already made holy through Jesus Christ. Please, Lord, crush the liars and deceivers who mislead the sheep into thinking that they can or have to accomplish holiness themselves, or that anyone who is saved is not already holy. In the Name of Y’shua Hamashiach, amen!     Deliverance: The demons that work in this area are legalism, Judiazer, religion, false doctrine, false teaching, vanity, and pride. Please read the Basic Spiritual Warfare guide to learn more about how to go against these demons to help set captives free and win battles in the name of your God through the power, authority, and victory given to you by his Son Jesus Christ and by his blood shed for you!

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Christians Must Create For Our Creator

Posted by Job on March 2, 2007

I Chronicles 29:5 The gold for things of gold, and the silver for things of silver, and for all manner of work to be made by the hands of artificers. And who then is willing to consecrate his service this day unto the LORD?

God created the universe; all things. Realize that God COULD HAVE made His creation to be merely functional, utilitarian. But instead God did the opposite; He made it BRILLIANT! Vast, colorful, intricate, interwoven, simultaneously orderly AND nonlinear! God didn’t make all ducks the same color. Ducks would have served the same purpose in His creation if He had, but He gave them all those diverse, brilliant colors merely because He wanted to. And while you are thinking about that, realize that God didn’t have to put DIFFERENT COLORS ON THE SAME INDIVIDUAL FEATHER of a duck. In order to accomplish diverse brilliant colorings, He could have just put a red feather here and a brown feather there. Instead, look at an individual feather, and it is a color scale. Why did God do this? Sure, providing evidence that there was a Creator for the purposes of drawing His people to Himself was a motivation, but His fundamental reason for doing so was that He liked doing it and He liked doing it well. And as people who are God’s children and aspire to serve and please God and function in the image of God that He made us in, we should do the same. Whatever we do, we should do it as it is unto the Lord (Colossians 3:23 – 24). This does not mean that we should take mundane everyday tasks and PRETEND that we are doing it for the Lord in order to motivate us to do it better and to increase the satisfaction that we get from it in order to prevent the routine of life from burdening our spirits. Rather, we should consider that God is EVERYWHERE ALL THE TIME. God created ALL THINGS, and is on the throne AT ALL TIMES, and is master of ALL SITUATIONS. This is not to say that God micromanages every little thing, but God does OVERSEE every little thing. For that reason, EVERY LITTLE THING THAT WE DO IS GOD’S WORK; GOD’S BUSINESS! As a result, there is no such thing as a “little thing”, is it? That is precisely why we must praise without ceasing, why we should never lie, cheat, steal, complain, or be evil, destructive, unproductive, or a stumblingblock in any matter or situation no matter what it is. It is true that “God is always watching you”, but that is not sufficient in terms of describing the reality and the stakes of the situation. This is especially true for Christians, because “God watching you” implies “God judging you”, but a Christian’s true judgment and punishment was the cross which Jesus Christ took and bore in place of us. So while the fact that “God is watching you” may make a SINNER shudder (and actually in a sinner’s case, what can he do about it anyway? Without Jesus Christ he is doomed regardless, nor can he even so much as control his sins), for Christians the fact that God is always INVOLVED with you and IN CONTROL of your situation is what should concern you. And that personalizes things! If you are not always acting as if you ought, then while you may not be a rebel against or enemy of God, you are certainly in the way! You are the “fly in the ointment” or the “monkeywrench in the works” or the “screw loose” that is unnecessarily hindering and complicating God’s plans when you SHOULD be working to establish them on earth as it is in Heaven.

But even that is a limited notion of what Christians should be doing. Again, people are made in God’s image, and Christians are filled with God’s power and purpose PLUS have the curse and hindering effects of sin and Satan that would act against our using God’s power to fulfill His Purpose removed from us. By virtue of this we are indeed gods, children of the most high (Psalm 82:6), and a lot of the things that people had to pray to God for under the old covenant have already been accomplished for and within us, a lot of the things that people under the old covenant needed God to do for them WE can do in the Name of God, Yeshua Hamashiach (or Jesus Christ). What this means is that just as God created – and created in a most splendid and excellent way – in order to show evidence of His existence and draw people to Himself thereby, to glorify Himself, and merely because He wanted to, then being gods, children of the Most High, we should go and do likewise (Luke 10:37). We should create to show evidence of God’s existence in and of itself AND God’s existence within us, and use that to get people not only to believe in our God, but also to accept Yeshua Hamashiach (the Son) God as their personal Saviour so that they too can have Shekinah (the Holy Spirit) God within them and threw them know YHWH (the Father) God, and know all three as and in one. We should create in order to not only merely serve (which one can do grudgingly and shoddily) but to happily excellently glorify and elevate our God. And we should create because we want to; because it is in our nature that has been made perfect, pure, and divine by the Blood of Yeshua Hamashiach to do as God does, to do as God wants, and to do as loves, pleases, serves, and glorifies God.

Yet most of Christendom is hard at work making all of their ducks the same monochrome color with each and every feather that same color. Christianity is now in most areas concerned with being merely functional and utilitarian rather than being CREATIVE. Why? Because Christianity is a religion, and religion is only concerned with getting the job done for religion’s sake, to serve the purposes of and to elevate the religion. Even people who forsake religious Christianity for a personal relationship retain the same basic structure of what they left. In that manner, they are pouring new wine into old bottles (Matthew 9:17). Most of our energies are dedicated toward some grand specific scheme or goal. It has to be directly related to winning souls or supporting the churches in some direct, tangible, repeatable way. As a result, very few Christians spend any amount of time doing things for God that make them personally happy and feel good. Why? Because of legalism and tradition in religious Christianity. You aren’t supposed to do things for God that make you feel good and because it makes you feel good, you do it because it has to be done. So in order to be a willing joyful servant whose sacrifice will be acceptable, we use religious tricks to make us THINK that the things that really do not excite us are pleasurable. Usually it is the equivalent of putting an exquisite sauce and beautiful garnishes on a very plain meal.

This is not to say that you should not do the things that have to be done and that you should not do them as doing them unto the Lord. God forbid! Rather, that is not ALL that you should do! You should ALSO do the things that you LIKE TO DO for the Lord! This is called having faith. If you have faith in the fact that you are saved through Yeshua Hamashiach and thereby reconciled with YHWH and filled with Shekinah, then you are a new creature. As a result, your likes are now acceptable to God; what you LIKE TO DO is something that you CAN DO for God! Now I did not say what your FLESH likes to do, but rather what the new you that has been granted the victory over the flesh by the Blood of Yeshua Hamashiach likes to do. Whoever you are, have some talent, some skill, some activity, some hobby, some interest, or whatever that gives you great pleasure, and you should pursue it with all of the time, resources, and vigor that you are able to! I do not care if it is stamp collecting! Stamp collecting isn’t a sin (so long as there is nothing wrong with the stamps that you are collecting of course, but that is with any activity), and a lot of people really like doing it. So if you can find a way to honor God by and with stamp collecting, then be the best stamp collector there is! At the simplest, most fundamental level, you can socialize with other stamp collectors, encourage them and let them know that their hobby IS worthwhile and that there is nothing wrong with them for engaging in and loving it, and use the transforming power of the love of God that you show them to bring them to Jesus Christ. Think that I am insane? Quick: what percentage of stamp collectors are saved? What positions do they have in the church? And how many churches would be better off if their leadership positions were being held by stamp collectors who are joyful in the Lord who made them and gave them the ability to be so enriched and fulfilled by stamp collecting rather than the people who hold those positions now?

The truly tragic thing – and it is clearly something which Satan is indeed pleased – is that for the vast majority of Christians, they seek their entertainment, their passion, their joy OUTSIDE of God. They read their Bibles, pray, worship, go to church, perform works, etc. “to serve the Lord”, and then they go do something else totally unrelated to Yeshua Hamashiach, and in many cases are unedifying to their relationship with Yeshua Hamashiach or are in total rebellion to Yeshua Hamashiach, to have fun. Why? Because religion teaches them that serving God isn’t about having fun. It isn’t about doing what you like to do. It is about doing the activities that the religious system has passed down for centuries as “religious.” Now there is a percentage of the population that actually enjoys doing those activities do not get me wrong, and yes some of those activities are biblically based. But otherwise, a lot of those activities have no spiritual value and are only valued in the eyes of worldly religious people because worldly religious people say they are virtuous. Even the activities that DO have spiritual value, other activities that you LIKE doing and can find a way to honor and serve God doing it ARE JUST AS SPIRITUALLY VALUABLE AS THE ACTIVITIES VALUED BY THE RELIGIOUS ESTABLISHMENT THAT JUST HAPPEN TO BE SPIRITUALLY VALUABLE! Look, if something is spiritually value, it is because it is, not because the religious establishment says so. For instance, you have to eat to live, and that fact isn’t true because the religious establishment says so, but it is something whose truth is completely apart from the religious establishment that the religious establishment regards as true. So since the religious people are not the ones that determine spiritual value and usefulness, then there is a great chance that what you like to do can be done in a manner that produces spiritual fruit where what religious people tell you to do will NEVER produce spiritual fruit! The worst part of it all is that many of these Christians who seek personal enjoyment through sin because they have been taught any better do not need a drastic change! They merely need to redirect their passion from something that offends God to something that pleases him! Take the person who is obsessed with football and as a result is always following it, gambling on it, ranting about it, and has strong negative emotions and actions towards other people, even hate and aggression, because of it. Clearly sinful, right? But that person need not give up football! Instead, he could become a coach/mentor for at risk kids in a football league run by a Christian program. Or even better, he could be a Christian point of light in one of the MANY secular football leagues that are otherwise dominated by football – obsessed men (and increasingly women).

Now of course, this also goes for the more “traditional” forms of creative expression: art, literature, song, dance, etc. As said in Christian Creativity Failure, Christians need to start back heavily investing in those areas too. But let us face it; not all of us enjoy those things! Suggesting that a Christian can only serve God in a “respectable” or “acceptable” or “established” arena such as those is religion! Rather, it is incumbent upon each and every individual Christian to find a way to serve God by doing whatever things are pure, righteous, and are of good report (Philippians 4:8) according to GOD, and not man or religion, and then do go and do so to the maximum of his ability. Yes, the “maximum of his ability” part is important! You are doing this for the Lord, so do not dabble in it. Instead, make it the core concentration of your life. Let it consume you! Let it be how you praise and relate to God and cause others to! Give up all of your unedifying and extraneous activities and concentrate on what God predestined in you to do for Him! If you do this, such a thing will please and glorify God immensely, and moreover shall bear fruit. Remember the parable of the talents? The wicked servant who buried his talent in the sand and was cast out as unprofitable should have found something that he liked to do to make money with, even if it was buying and selling stamps. Or getting some ducks and making pillows out of their feathers to sell.

Do not be deceived, brethren, for it is God’s Will for you to serve Him in this fashion! God commanded you to serve Him from the FULLNESS OF YOUR HEART. Well how can your heart be filled if it has no joy because your only service to the Lord is doing things that give you no personal pleasure? Do not be deceived by Satan or by the religious system: there are so many great things that can be done for God if only the church would reject the lie that we can only serve and please God through our affliction, tribulation, persecution, and obligation.  


Father God in the Name of Your Son Jesus Christ, please cause Your people to begin to serve You from the fullness of their hearts by doing the things that You created for and in them to give them joy by doing them for You and in Your Name. In the Name of Y’shua Hamashiach, amen!  



The demon that works in this area is religion. Please read the Basic Spiritual Warfare guide to learn more about how to go against these demons to help set captives free and win battles in the name of your God through the power, authority, and victory given to you by his Son Jesus Christ and by his blood shed for you!

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Christian Creativity Failure

Posted by Job on March 2, 2007

Exodus 31:2 – 4 See, I have called by name Bezaleel the son of Uri, the son of Hur, of the tribe of Judah: And I have filled him with the spirit of God, in wisdom, and in understanding, and in knowledge, and in all manner of workmanship, To devise cunning works, to work in gold, and in silver, and in brass, And in cutting of stones, to set them, and in carving of timber, to work in all manner of workmanship.

Use the term “Christian creativity” around most people, and many will regard it to be an oxymoron, a contradiction. Now while in some ways this is manifestly unfair – as history records that the greatest artists, musicians, and thinkers were Christian. Indeed, the primary motivation for “multiculturalism” was not to cease the elevation of “dead white males”, but instead to prevent people from being taught that CHRISTIANS were capable of such artistic and scientific brilliance, and yes they did it to honor Jesus Christ! The only way that this “Christians are stupid and hate art and education” myth could be implanted into the mainstream was by our schools and media preventing the works of such people as Dante Alighieri, Leonardo Da Vinci, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Sir Isaac Newton, Geoffrey Chaucer, William Thackeray, Michelangelo, etc. from being taught, and where teaching them is absolutely necessary speaking of their Christian beliefs and motivations is never done. But the sad true fact is that we simply cannot blame “the world” for all of our problems in this area. Instead, we must face facts: western Bible – believing Holy Spirit – filled Christians are no longer involved in supporting or producing the arts or any other creative endeavors in any serious way.

That this would be is totally idiotic. The verse above CLEARLY SHOWS that creativity is a gift of the Holy Spirit. Further, not only did biblical
Israel specifically give societal institutional support to artists, musicians, SCIENTISTS (what else would
“after the art of the apothecary” in Exodus 30:25 refer to?), and similar, so did the Catholic Church for centuries. Further, a great many CHRISTIAN kings and queens (and other royalty), businessmen, and other prominent people and institutions supported professional artists for centuries. But now, all of that has passed away. If you are a painter, sculptor, architect, writer, or even a scientist who loves Elohim, then you will almost certainly have to not only ply your trade but even GET EDUCATED in a world that not only hates Yeshua Hamashiach, but has made as its primary mission to make war against Him and those who believe in and love Him and are called by His Name. The most that you can do is try to promote Christianity in some “subversive” way while in the worldly “mainstream”, try to make a living in the bland risk (and reward) averse and very limited Christian niche market, or do some “Christian work on the side” as your time and economics permit. And that is even if you manage to hold onto your beliefs while pursuing your education. Let me tell you: if you are a Bible – believing Christian BEFORE you attended most art, drama, filmmaking, writing, music, etc. schools, then there is a great chance that you will not be one when you leave. But that does not change the even sadder fact that even if there were a person who could emerge from Stanford, Cal – Berkeley, or Harvard as evangelical fundamentalist Christian with master’s degree in fine arts, there would be no one to hire them and no system in place by which their Holy Spirit – inspired talents and works could be developed, showcased, and appreciated.

One has to admit the obvious: there is absolutely no reason for this state of affairs to exist. Of course, we know that there is no lack of Holy Spirit – inspired creative people in the Body of Christ. We also know that there is no lack of financial and institutional support for these people. All that is lacking is the will and desire of people who are in positions of influence and authority in the Christian world to support them. And this proves that a huge number of people were never called by God, or they have turned aside from following Him wholly. Imagine if a FRACTION of the money spent trying to influence politicians or trying to get on every single CHRISTIAN TV network time slot were spent on training, sponsoring, and showcasing Christians who have creative gifts. What a great witness to the power, might, beauty, and LOVE of God that would be, and how many people whose hearts are currently hardened to televangelists and are offended by the mixing of religion and politics would be softened and opened by works of great beauty and creativity! Do not think that there is not a precedent! One of the main reasons why God had Solomon invest such brilliance in the temple was so that people would be astounded, glorify God, and forsake their own false gods for Elohim because of it! One of the best arguments for the existence of Elohim is the majesty of His Creation, and likewise one of the best arguments that we are the people of Elohim is OUR ABILITY TO CREATE! And please recall that the queen of Sheba was converted to worshipping God after seeing the sight of the temple, and went back to her homeland and had that entire nation convert, and later that homeland converted to Christianity (the Holy Roman Empire was the SECOND Christian nation, Sheba, or Ethiopia, was the first) thanks to the meeting between Philip and the eunuch in Acts. So certainly if an entire nation can turn to God by virtue of seeing how the Holy Spirit can use man to produce a temple, an individual can turn to God by seeing how the Holy Spirit can use man to produce a painting or statue.

But alas, pouring money into the political system brings power. Being on national Christian TV 50 times a week (when you add up all of the time slots on all the networks) brings in a lot of money. So clearly these people are after money and power rather than being after God’s own heart! Take a look at the fundamentalist/evangelical universities out there, for instance.
University has a full – fledged undergraduate program in art, but

University only offers theatre. ORU also has a full – fledged music department,

University does not. Truth be told, both universities invest far more in ATHLETICS than they do the arts. But the bottom line is that even the mere presence of programs is not evidence that their energies are in the right place. Why? Because if they were actually following the example of the Bible and even of the church in centuries not long past, THE ART AND MUSIC PROGRAMS WOULD BE SECONDARY ONLY TO THE THEOLOGY/SEMINARY PROGRAMS AT LIBERTY, ORAL ROBERTS, AND OTHER CHRISTIAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES!

And because of our sinful – yes, it is sinful! – neglect in this area, choosing money and power over facilitating the release of the Holy Spirit and using that release to do the Will of God, how many Christians with Holy Spirit gifts in the arts and other creative areas shun devoting their lives to those pursuits? A Christian child growing up today only hears two things about a career in the arts: 1) it is dominated by exceptionally amoral people and 2) it is extremely difficult to support yourself in it, especially if you are not exceptionally amoral. Those things are true, BUT AGAIN ONLY BECAUSE OF THE STIFF NECKS AND HARDENED HEARTS OF CHRISTIANS! One of the hilarious things is how Christian political activists are trying to end the National Endowment for the Arts and other forms of public support for artists because – gasp! – artists who hate God tend to express that hatred, and people who hate God tend to support artists who hate God. That is what getting involved in worldly pursuits like politics does. These people actually think that they can stop people who are unsaved from, well, ACTING LIKE THEY ARE UNSAVED! Even if it were possible to prevent them from acting like it – and it isn’t – what good would it do? Wouldn’t they still be unsaved? Of course. But their goal wasn’t saving the souls of these artists or anyone else, but rather a desire to have and exert power over other people, to make people do what THEY wanted them to do. In other words, control demons. What really sets off these Christian political activists isn’t people out there expressing hatred against God, it is that they are unable to exert the same control over the world that they have over their congregations. Since they can’t make these people join their congregations so they can control them, they are trying to take over the government so that they can control them THAT WAY. If these people had any true love for God, then they would use THEIR VAST FINANCIAL AND INSTITUTIONAL RESOURCES to create the National CHRISTIAN Endowment for the Arts, and use the great beautiful works of Holy Spirit – filled Christians that it would produce to totally put to shame both the people who put crucifixes in urine and those who pay them to do it.

Read your Bible, people. It is filled with detailed descriptions of the splendor of creation, especially Heaven, and how God wants us, who are in His Image, to create after the same manner to give glory to Him. And we Christians aren’t doing it. Outside of whatever Christians that are out there finding some outlet for their creative energies by working on their projects in their spare time, or little kids who write their little songs and make wonderful creations with their crayons and finger paints of the angels and visions that they see, no one is doing it because no one is supporting it. No one is even preaching about it. Sure, the great megapreachers will get up and go on for hours about the splendor of the temple, the tabernacle, the ark, etc. BACK THEN, but you won’t hear them talk about why we aren’t doing thinks like that RIGHT NOW, and the reason is that the only way that would happen RIGHT NOW would be if THEY were to PAY for it! But no, instead they would rather spend tens – or hundreds – of millions on these tacky mega – cathedrals that aren’t even examples of Holy Spirit – inspired architecture or construction and contain no original artworks in them of any real value that are truthfully not monuments to God but are rather to the preacher, who is often so puffed up with pride that he will not acknowledge that his “beautiful buildings” sit unused most of the time and are less than half – filled even on Sundays. This is how bad it is: an unknown church in a nondescript town in rural southern Georgia was able to produce and distribute two feature – length films for the amount of money that they raise in a couple of offerings. And why not? The church and the land are long paid off, SO WHAT DO THEY NEED THAT MONEY FOR ANYWAY? For a fraction of what it would have taken for that church to get one undesirable time slot on a minor Christian TV network, they were able to pay people who have the God – given ability to write, produce, direct, edit, design sets, operate cameras, act, and yes even do the business of promoting and distributing a film. And you know what? Both films won awards! The latter so impressed a major SECULAR corporation that the corporation released the film to theaters, where it earned 100 times the production costs! That is what only a few people (though the church is one of the most prominent in its small community it is not very large) can do when they decide to honor God, and why a great many are not doing the same is because the desire to honor God is not in them because the love of God is not in them. Or at minimum they love and are serving God, but not from a perfect heart (II Chronicles 25:1 – 2).

This really is serious business. The Holy Spirit – given gifts of so many people are not being used as they ought, and souls are not being saved from their sins and from the world as a result. God will judge the people who are allowing this sad state of affairs to exist, especially those in authority. In order to prevent this judgment from coming down on you, it is incumbent upon you to support the creative talents and endeavors of Christians in however manner God has given you the instructions and the means to do so. And remember: to more that was given, more shall be required of them, but even for those who were given little, if they are not faithful with it and increase it, then even what little was given to them shall be taken away from them. That was the parable of the TALENTS, people (talk about double reference, money and ability, at least in terms of the English translation anyway); a parable that is so often ignored in contemporary Christianity to our hurt indeed. So many people are indeed being destroyed because they lack knowledge, and they lack knowledge because they have not sought knowledge, and they are not seeking knowledge because they are not seeking God, and they are not seeking God because they have not set their hearts upon doing so. We must serve the Lord in spirit and in truth people with all of our hearts, or else we are lost! And that is truly the sad thing. Israel supported all of these artists, musicians, craftsmen, etc. under the OLD COVENANT where God only demanded 10%, when the presence and indwelling of the Holy Spirit was rare, and Satan still had pretty much unchallenged dominion over the earth. But now under the NEW COVENANT where God demands 100%, where the presence and indwelling of the Holy Spirit is with all TRUE believers, and Satan is defeated, we are actually doing LESS in an area that is so vital to both our mission and the heart of God as creativity! Oh yes, the judgment upon this generation will be severe indeed, and you had better make sure that it does not fall upon you, especially if you are one who is in spiritual authority! And yes, that includes you parents in spiritual authority over your children, and husbands who are in spiritual authority over households. Parents, quit throwing away your “discretionary income” on junk and buy your kids paints, crayons, modeling clay, craft kits, music lessons, etc. and tell them to “make things about and for Jesus Christ.” Fathers, if your wife or child has a gift, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to make sure that the gift is BOTH developed AND displayed! Too much is at stake for ALL MEMBERS of the Body of Christ to continue this massive failure of the modern church.


Father God in the Name of Your Son Jesus Christ, please put it in the hearts of the members of the Body of Christ to once again see that it is Your Will for us to use the creative gifts that You have given us to glorify You, and that we should get about the business of following and obeying Your Will in this manner. In the Name of Y’shua Hamashiach, amen!  



The demons that work in this area are control, greed, selfishness, self – seeking, power, pride, false doctrine, and sloth. Please read the Basic Spiritual Warfare guide to learn more about how to go against these demons to help set captives free and win battles in the name of your God through the power, authority, and victory given to you by his Son Jesus Christ and by his blood shed for you!

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